Tuesday, September 15, 2020

President Trump Said He Was All Set’ To Assassinate Syrian Leader Assad But Was Talked Out Of It by Defense Secretary Mattis

US President Donald Trump and for defence secretary James Mattis. Photo: Reuters

Daily Mail: Donald Trump says he wanted to 'take out' Syrian dictator Assad but was talked out of it by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis

* President Donald Trump said that he did have Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad lined up for assassination, which was reported by Bob Woodward in 2018
* 'I would have rather taken him out. I had him all set. Mattis didn't want to do it,' Trump said Tuesday on Fox & Friends, referring to the former DOD chief
* He was referring to the aftermath of a chemical weapons strike by Assad's forces on a Syrian town in April 2017
* Trump revealed he wanted Assad killed but Jim Mattis argued against it and 'I let him go.' Instead there were the first airstrikes on Syria by the U.S. that month
* Trump also called former defense secretary Mattis a 'highly overrated general,' in the phone interview with Fox
* Mattis talked to Woodward for his new book 'Rage,' and called Trump 'dangerous,' 'unfit' and with 'no moral compass'
* Trump said he fired Mattis, while Mattis said he quit after Trump asked him to pull out of Syria which 'went beyond stupid to felony stupid,' Mattis said

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he had Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad lined up for assassination but was talked out of it by his former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.

Trump made the admission when he called into 'Fox & Friends,' confirming reporting from Bob Woodward's first book on his administration, 'Fear,' which was released two years ago, that Trump wanted to take out Assad after he used chemical weapons on his people in April 2017. Trump had denied the claim previously.

'I would have rather taken him out. I had him all set. Mattis didn't want to do it. Mattis was a highly overrated general. And I let him go,' Trump Tuesday.

According to Woodward's 2018 book 'Fear,' the commander-in-chief called Mattis to give the order and said: 'Let's f***ing kill him! Let's go in. Let's kill the f***ing lot of them.'

Mattis agreed to the order to the president's face and then had aides prepare a plan to strike Assad's resources in a 'much more measured' way, Woodward wrote. That was what happened, with airstrikes by cruise missile against limited targets.

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Unknown said...

Is too late u sold ur soul 4 What

Unknown said...

I would of let it kill itself

Unknown said...

This man is insane or possessed

Unknown said...

Go to hell

fazman said...

You don't assassinate heads of state.. Period, unless you also expect a lead sandwich.

Anonymous said...


Are you sure? Saddam Hussein was trying to assassinate George H.W. Bush, but many wobbly knee pols in the US did not want to live by your standard.

President Clinton punishes Iraq for plot to kill George H.W. Bush

Otherwise, they would have tried until succeeded.

Also, Olof Palme was assassinated and the Swedish establishment did not care. They went through a lot of process, but no boom. They finally concluded that a dead guy did it., which is convenient, because now they do not have to charge and prosecute.

Assad greenlighted jihadis using his country as a transit hub and logistics depot. The Syrian government also directly assisted the jihadis. Besides Assad for the longest time has been the leader of a rump Alawite ethno state.

Hans Persson said...

Hey anon, to the Swedish defence this was in the 80s and there were no witnesses or security videos. Just a bunch of guessing and conspiracies. And the Swedes did care, they investigated the shit of it for 30 years.

And yeah, assassinate Assad and create another Libya is kinda stupid.

I always thought they should instead help Assad and bring some stability to the region and create an ally in the process.