Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Tweets For Today


Anonymous said...

I think it's obvious where this is heading and my advice is the following:

1. if you're in China and can get out, do so now
2. If you have any investments in China, pull them before they become seized or nationalised
3. If you have an upcoming business trip to China, don't go. In all likelihood your hotel room will be filmed, and your communications will be spied on with the target to compromise you, your colleagues or get sensitive data. We all know they steal like crazy. Don't be foolish and risk it
4. To anyone outside China: stock food, medication and PPE etc. On top, start lobbying Amazon/write petitions to clearly label if a product was assembled or made in China. I bought USB sticks of American brands, all made and one assembled in China. I'll toss them now. I'd have never ordered them if I had known. Maybe still can send them back, but the bigger point is Amazon has to label products.
5. Stop all Chinese Visa programs and decouple from China, even if Biden wins, this must be done if the mounting vidence is true that the CCP created and released this virus. It would be an act of war and all Chinese Visa employees and students should be sent back to China, as many of them have already spied on you
6. Go on the offensive. Vietnam loves the US and West in general - they'd be a great partner and are slowly becoming a more open society. The young vietnamese yearn for democracy. Bonus point: they hate China and have been almost at war with them just last year over Chinese territory claims, just like everyone else. The Chinese also ruined their fishing grounds a few years back with a contamination spill.. do the same with a media offensive in countries, counter the narrative that the west is bad and reminds people of the many many more murders under Mao. It needs to be taught what the Chinese were willing to do. MASS MURDERERS. Teach American history right. Many white people DIED and were willing to kill their own race(!!!) to free their black brothers and sisters and the gender fluid .. and bring back humor. ;) the CCP hates dissent and forbids humor about Xi. Maybe make A LOT of jokes about the fat Winnie the pooh bear
7. Refocus on the values of the West... meritocracy, family, innovation, science, hard work and service. This must be taught in schools, not to hate a country. The hatred is financed by funding programs through the Confuscius institutes. It goes like this: the institute gives grants to write in topics people submit. Anything divisive, subversive gets funded. Critical race theory. Gender studies. Anything that pitches left against right, women against men and blacks against whites. It's everywhere these days.

Anonymous said...

8. I'm not a fan of Putin or how the Russians seem to poison and shoot a lot of people. BUT Putin will be gone eventually and someone will replace him. Now Russia can potentially go and partner more with China, but I think it would be a mistake for us. The Russians, the general population, especially the younger ones are fed up with the mafia like government. They want change and are sick of the animosity between America/ Europe and Russia. They are culturally and ethnically much closer to the West than to China. Also, many of them are Christians and Jews. All have more in common with us than China, which tears down churches left and right and imprisons preachers. If Russia would become a more democratic country, I'd love to have them in our "club" , as I know some Russians/ former eastern block people and they're usually funny as fuck and make also tight fighters... just a tiny bit morally corrupt, but I think it's because of the dog-eat-dog system they live in.. not too unlike the USA but a bit more assassinations and disappearances etc. Who wouldn't be crazy then. Crazy Irvan! :D
9. Extend recognition of Taiwan ASAP by more countries. Partner with Japan @ 6 eyes for anything related to China. Maybe include Germany, France to form 8 eyes on China. For China the 8 is a special number and you can make the eyes into 8s too, so have a new logo to freak them out with 8s Haha maybe add a golden dragon for extra luck and psycho warfare Haha
10. Once the Chinese visa program was ended, replace workers with Americans, this also reduces the situation at home. If more workers are needed, use Europeans and some selected Asian nations to fill gaps. Japanese, Brits, Germans etc get the best to fill the gap
11. Sabotage all belt and road choke points. As some realise this is already under way o_O. On top offer a better IMF based on extended funds for these choke points to combat Chinese imperialism.
12. Close all Chinese embassies around the world. Full decoupling. Iron wall type shit. Remove all 5G and use Elon Musk's star link and similar approaches which offer better speed/ bandwidth and latency
13. Expand free speech and stop media giants from banning people. Speech is a right, so very large providers like Twitter must allow access unless a criminal act occurred. Hate speech, however you define it, is not a crime but actually protected under Free Speech - in public, agreed, but there's no public place anymore where people can have their own guaranteed outlet. And even if some of speeches would be recorded in public because it's a famous person, it would not be the same. 95%of the conversation is online today and of those 95%, 3-4 hold 90% of it.. Facebook, Twitter , Instagram.. free speech should be encouraged.. the same with assembly. It was OUTRAGEOUS for politicians and scientists on the left to OK a BLM march. There need to be consequences and a memory in our societies who did this, at a critical time
14. Form special committees with sweeping powers to investigate what happened. Both civilian and military. Trace the money coming from China to our media, scientific and educational institutions, the deals made, why certain fields of studies started to pop up, from gender to race theory etc.. who funded the people on the streets through non-profits? Make it harder for people to funnel money through this system where sums of even 200k/ year barely get declaration. You've got thousands of these.. billions coming in.. from who? And internally who are these people that partnered with China. Find the reasons.. just money or were they compromised? The Chinese - talents program uses those tactics and we've already found some. I wouldn't be surprised if you find them in media, finance, big tech, education, science and policy making, ie Congress. It would explain a lot.

Anonymous said...

And to anyone who thinks these steps are too harsh...

The Chinese, as recently reported by the BBC and over many many years by others in the US and Europe have:
A. Sworn their army directly to Xi, as Hitler did. That happened in the same time frame when Xi became emperor for life, just like Hitler. Just so you're reminded with what kind of system we are dealing with. To say it's not a democracy is an understatement
B. Loyalty must be sworn to the CCP. Almost 10% of China is directly a member of the 100mn strong CCP. They're in every family. So we're not at war with the Chinese common man, BUT there has to be said something about the silence of Chinese who live abroad and enjoy our freedoms. I know many, many Chinese. Not one is critical of the CCP. Not only because of fear, but because many of them were raised in China, barely integrate and often stick to Chinese news, simply to the language barrier.. so they also believe less in what our news say, and I don't blame them. But their silence on China's prior and current behaviour is deafening. And those who do speak, because I know them very well/ am close friends, they are very pro- Chinese/ have a fierce Chinese national pride and believe their century will come and that the west held them down, eg during the opium war with Britain.. and I understand the sentiment and accept their view, BUT my bigger point is this: they truly reject much of the west, and are itching for a fight. They truly believe they'll rule the World, it is a pre-Nazi Germany attitude, where ze germans wanted their "place under the sun"/a posh, well deserved life colonizing and ruling the World, fueled by a myth of righteous entitlement, that they were held down and that it is their deserved time to shape the globe. A disdain for other cultures and races. True racism is rampant, mixed with an ethno state in which Han Chinese rule every aspect and everyone else is being subjugated/2and class citizen
D. Based on this moral code the Chinese fit decades have conducted mass deportations, formed concentration camps and conducted both forced sterilisation as well as denying offspring to targeted unwanted Chinese ethnicities which led to a drop of 84% over ten years of these unwanted millions, as reported by the BBC just last month. We are talking mass murder and ethical cleansing on industrial, Nazi style terms.

And please consider this: This is what they do to unwanted Chinese citizens.

I could say much more but I hope people gst it. Didn't even touch on the theft of trillions from us, the drug cartels@Chinese Fentanyl, the torture halls, the sleep deprivation methods, the hypermilitarisation, the rejection of international law, how they attacked Indians just two months ago, the faked GDP spiral the Chinese were in before the Wuhan virus was unleashed on the World to use a fail forward strategy mixed with modern monetary theory approach of just printing money, bankruppting the world and buying us up still believing they play by rules.

Good luck everyone .. and start getting real. Organise and demand change in business and government before China's destruction and godless materialism in which there is no dignity in the human individual but only the rule of the CCP Han Chinese and everyone pays them tribute who is a second class citizen, never ever allowed to have free speech again and living in a cast system ruled by an imperialistic ethno class that makes Nazis look well mannered.

Half joking of course, but much of it is real. And the silence among Chinese... so troubling.. (Radicalised) Muslims killed far fewer and were more open to talk about it, could have been better, but I understand their perspective too.. we had been at war with them/ in their region for decades and decades. We should be honest. But the Chinese.. the opium war is ages ago. .. we traded honestly with them..we have back Hong Kong earlier... we let them into the WTO..

Well, we tried the carrot for 40 years.

Anonymous said...

Just as a final thought on this subject, before any more escalation takes place, and from what we seem to know so far, there seems to not only be a justification for this, but a sincere necessity if self preservation of our way of life and culture is important to us.

BUT we all have been played before by the CIA and other agencies around the World.. there seems to be drone footage of the concentration camps and public reporting on the industrial scale theft and mass murder, but I'd like them to go once more publicly on record in front of the UN and make your case. If all is true, and I fear it is, we might truly have to decouple from China and that's a World changing affair, with intention for change to the better, but it needs to be discussed and China must be allowed to present defense. Let the World decide. Produce evidence. Especially on the theft in the trillions, the Wuhan virus/Covid-19 and the human rights violations/ mass murder etc

It is a defining moment for the World, and politics must step aside. If the US/ Europe and other nations cannot produce evidence for these most serious claims then this should be known as well and a serious apology, followed by resignations and even prison sentences for egging us to war or b nationalisation or confrontation is extremely reckless too. I've seen fake Chinese products myself. I believe they stole. I'm guessing it's in the trillions, and if true, that alone is an act of war. We are not talking a few billion along buddies. When trillions are missing people die..a lot.

And why are CNN and NYTimes and the rest if the cabal barely reporting on all of this but call Trump the devil? Someone is playing someone here, but in today's age the normal person can't tell false flag from true action anymore :) hence the need for evidence, also for the benefit of China , either way.. if true, the Chinese citizens must know and decide what to do next, if false, the same applies to us and apologies should be exchanged followed by a group hug selfie taken with a Huawei phone :D

Anonymous said...

 It was OUTRAGEOUS for politicians and scientists on the left to ((only)) OK a BLM march.

Emphasis on that they didn't seem to like Trump rallies or anything but BLM marches. That's so corrupt. It's free speech and allowed but my point is we should be honest this was quite a low point in democracy and fueled by "Democrat" politics. Just awful. They should be forced to change their name. Democrats are so not democratic. :)

Anonymous said...

Stop all American citizens from ordering Chinese take-out!
Do not have your shirts done at Chinese laundry!
No fireworks for 4th of July!