Saturday, September 19, 2020

Who Is On President Trump's List To Replace Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg?

Politico: Who's on Trump's not-so-shortlist to replace RBG?

Earlier this month, Trump added 20 names to his list of potential Supreme Court justices, including three Republican senators.

President Donald Trump has added 20 names to his existing list of 25 potential picks to fill a future Supreme Court vacancy, including Republican Sens. Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley.

By doing so, Trump reprised a strategy that many credit with bringing skeptical social conservatives into the fold in 2016 and paving the way for his upset victory over Hillary Clinton.

Calling the appointment of Supreme Court justices “the most important decision a president can make,” the president cast the decision to release his potential picks up front as an obligation White House hopefuls have to their voters, though he was the first candidate to do so, in 2016.

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WNU Editor: I predict President Trump will choose Amy Coney Barrett. The death of Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg may now force Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden to release his list of Supreme Court Justice picks .... something that he refused to do only last week.

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Andrew Jackson said...

No stinking female!

B.Poster said...

I will read her full article the editor linked to on Wikipedia as time permits. Based upon the first sentence I like the pick, however, unfortunately I don't see how she can be confirmed. All Democrats will obviously vote against her and they'll pick off just enough Republicans to block her from being confirmed.

Furthermore being an election year and with America being left of center politically I think the pick would turn off allot of voters and turn them away from Trump as well as fire up the Democrat base. Trump does have a habit of bucking normal trends and making it work so he may just be able to pull this off. Something he should look out for is his political supporters in government have tended to double cross and betray him.