Friday, October 16, 2020

Turkey Tests Russian-Made S-400 Defence System

Al Jazeera: Turkey tests Russian-made S-400 defence system: Reports 

Tests of the advanced air defence system could stoke tensions between Turkey and the United States. 

A missile has been fired into the sky on Turkey’s Black Sea coast where the military was expected to test its Russian-made S-400 defence systems, according to a video seen by Reuters. 

The video, taken in the coastal city of Sinop on Friday, showed a narrow column of smoke headed high into the blue sky. Turkey was widely expected to test the system this week, after issuing notices warning vessels and aircraft to avoid the area in the Black Sea.  

A Haber television, an outlet close to the Turkish government, also reported the test on its website. Other Turkish media carried similar reports. Turkey’s defence ministry said it would neither deny nor confirm missile tests.  

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Jeffsmith said...

The proof is when we test it.😖 And by we I mean the USA. Bet it would fail miserably.

Anonymous said...

An inexpensive explosive carrying drone against an S-400 missile. Now the missile would likely be protected by less fancy weapons but still...
Layer upon layer. Counter, counter measure. Turkey nailed a few S-300 systems in Libya though I think they weren't activated.