Monday, February 22, 2021

Two F-117 Nighthawks Spotted Over Los Angeles International Airport

Defence Blog: Two F-117 Nighthawks stealth aircraft spotted over Los Angeles 

A freelance photographer Matt Hartman says that at least two F-117 Nighthawks stealth aircraft were spotted over Los Angeles. 

According to Matt Hartman, on February 19, two mysterious F-117 Nighthawks stealth aircraft flew together with a U.S. Air Force KC-135R aerial refueling tanker over Los Angeles International Airport. 

“Over LAX Airport the U.S. Air Force KC-135R tanker with two F-117 stealth fighter ,C/S KNIGHT01 w/ KNIGHT02 in flight over SoCal……never in my life…have I seen such a AWE moment…I mean …..WOW!!! 02-19-21,” he said on Twitter. 

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WNU editor: For an aircraft that is suppose to be retired. Hmmmm .... they look to be very active.


Anonymous said...

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Dave Goldstein said...

Umm ok. Now back to the article. F-117's are flying. wow. Probably testing radar's usefullness, probably Russian. I heard by rumor only that we aquired a Russian S-400. Or we are going to bomb someone.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a Pantsir S-1 weapon system.

"The Air Force Secretly Acquired a New Russian Missile System"

But maybe they got something else as well.

Why Test there ... Now that I think about it all the clutter and other traffic make it realistic. Probably already tested it in a pristine quiet enviro.

Anonymous said...

Wonder where the radar unit would be sitting.