Sunday, April 11, 2021

Israeli Study Says South African Variant Can 'Break Through' The Pfizer Vaccine


Daily Mail: Mutant South African Covid-19 variant can 'break through' the Pfizer jab, study finds 

* Scientists studied 400 people who tested positive at least 14 days after jab 

* The variant was eight times more prevalent in those who had two jabs than none 

* It was seen in 5.4% of people with 2 doses - but 0.7% of people without any 

 * Researchers said results suggest the South African variant cannot be combated by the vaccine as well as others 

The mutant South African Covid-19 variant can 'break through' the Pfizer jab, a study has found. 

Scientists studied 400 people who had tested positive for coronavirus at least 14 days after receiving one or two doses of the jab - and 400 who tested positive with no vaccine. 

The variant was eight times more prevalent in those who had two jabs than none. It was seen in 5.4 per cent of people with two doses - but 0.7 per cent of people without any.

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WNU Editor: This study still needs to be peered review. But everyone I know who understand vaccines and epidemics/pandemics are telling me the same thing. With time a virus/coronavirus will be able to overcome a vaccine. 

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Anonymous said...

We are being zoomed.

God Damn virus did not have the decency to kill any seniors the last 5 days in the metro. What pansy ass virus does that?

In the metro they only had to close one nursing home and shift resident to other nursing homes so as to right size capacity to need.

If there was a pandemic, should not nursing homes be emptying out in droves?

Anonymous said...

The Chinese vaccine also not working

This is BULLSHIT..I don't want to be vaccinated if it doesn't work anyways.

And I don't like being lied to

I think the public needs to start discussion the penalty for those involved in this largest crime against humanity.

And I'm for the most severe penalty.

++++ But we need to publicly discuss it and encourage a spirit where the government's around this world FEAR their constituents again and not the other way around as it's now.+++++

Everyone in earth has been fcked over by these assholes.

THE LEAST we can call for is consequences for those that crippled economies, killed millions around the world and scarred and entire generation.

DEATH is too good for them.

Anonymous said...

Just who is "them"? the leaders and elected officials and scientists and medical people in just about every nation?
last time you were ill did you go to THEM of sit at home and watch it take care of itself?

Ron said...

I find this characterization of this study to be grossly misleading.

They had one group of 400 fully vaccinated patients who ended up being infected anyway. They were matched with 400 that were not vaccinated at all but got COVID.

The former group had a handful of people with the SA variant, the latter only about 3.

Does it show that the vaccine is somewhat less reliable against the SA variant? Perhaps.

Does it show that it’s not effective? No, otherwise it would have been a much higher percentage and the country would have experienced an actual outbreak, considering it’s been fully open for about a month.