Friday, April 9, 2021

Taiwan Says It Will Shoot Down Chinese Drones If They Enter Taiwanese Restricted Waters Or Airspace In The South China Sea

Taiwan News: Taiwan may shoot down Chinese drones if they fly over Dongsha Islands 

China has stepped up military pressure amid strengthening Taiwan-US ties 

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan’s Coast Guard Administration has been tracking Chinese drones around the Dongsha Islands (東沙群島, Pratas Islands) in the disputed South China Sea and may shoot them down if they enter Taiwanese restricted waters or airspace. 

Speaking in the legislature on Wednesday (April 7), Lee Chung-wei (李仲威) — head of the Ocean Affairs Council that oversees the Coast Guard — said Chinese drones have been spotted circling the Dongsha Islands recently but noted that they have not flown directly over the islands. 

“They've never entered our restricted waters and airspace; they have just flown around them at a certain distance,” Reuters cited Lee as saying.

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WNU Editor: I for one would not be surprised if China tests this Taiwanese warning sometime this year. 

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Anonymous said...

Taiwan shooting down a Chinese drone...I think we all know that's a pipe dream

B.Poster said...

If Taiwan does this, it will be just what China is looking for as premise for all out war and to take over the island. If Taiwan doesn't respond they are perceived as weak which only invites further aggression. Taiwan is in a very tough spot much of which is their own making. Much of Taiwan's problem is it only has defensive maneuvers at its disposal. It can't actually pose a threat to the Chinese mainland or Chinese interests abroad and, as a practical matter, neither can its "allies" as they are unwilling and/or unable.

Over the last several years I've put forth several sound proposals that Taiwan can and should pursue to enhance their national defense. 1.) Develop a robust nuclear deterrent that is capable of hitting multiple targets anywhere within China at anytime. 2.) Build up their military in such a way that the inevitable Chinese victory would be so pyric that they would not dare attempt the invasion. Part of this will be developing weapons systems platforms and development of them that are completely separate from America. During any way with Taiwan China and their allies are going to blockade America so that nothing can get in or out of the country without their approval meaning the necessary parts to maintain American backed platforms aren't going to be available. They may even launch attacks on the American mainland meaning America will be far to busy at home to help Taiwan. Given the challenges America faces, its questionable whether or not the nation will even exist two to three years from now. As such, it seems foolish for them to rely on us. 3.) Find a product or service that China needs and supply it to them at a higher quality and better cost for the product or service than anyone else can or will. Make it clear to China that going to war or otherwise behaving in a threatening manner will result in the loss of this product of service. In such an environment, war would likely be avoided.

So far I have not really seen Taiwan make serious efforts on either of these fronts. They are finally getting started in area 2 but thus far the efforts are feeble and perhaps to late. As an American before assisting Taiwan, I would want to see serious efforts made by them on all three fronts especially developing a robust nuclear deterrent that could be either be used preemptively or in defense.

What is the return on investment for aiding Taiwan? The costs are easy to calculate as alienating arguably the world's most powerful country who has very powerful allies is clearly very dangerous. From my perspective, the dispute between China and Taiwan looks like a family feud among siblings. I've seen squabbles between siblings and know how they turn out. Usually the siblings end up joining forces against those who try to intervene to mitigate the conflict. Of course once they've vanquished the third party, they may again resume their sibling rivalry. As Americans, why do we want to get involved in a fight among brothers/sisters? We have enough problems of our own that need to be dealt with. Taiwan seems like a foolish investment as it has no return, enormous costs, and even greater downside long range risks for us.