Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Afghan Taliban Now Murdering Popular Comedians

DNA: Viral video shows Taliban militant thrashing Afghan Comedian Khasha Zwan before his murder 

Local media reported that the popular comedian was taken out of his home and killed by unidentified gunmen last week. 

Even as the Taliban has denied killing Afghanistan’s popular comedian Nazar Mohammad aka Khasha Zwan, a shocking video has emerged on social media showing him being thrashed in a vehicle.

The comedian's killing has shocked the world.

Shared by Tajuden Soroush, a senior correspondent with Iran International on Twitter, the video shows three people in a car and one of the militants slapping him several times. 

The caption of the video shared by Soroush reads, "This video shows the moment, Kandahari comedian, Khasha was arrested by the Taliban, Slapping him inside the car and then killed him."  

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WNU Editor: The Taliban have not changed.  

Update: U.S. voices its concerns on what is happening .... U.S. 'deeply troubled' by attacks on civilians as Taliban sweep across Afghanistan (Reuters). In the meantime the Taliban are getting ready to storm Khandahar .... Kandahar residents fear Taliban advance on Afghan city (Al Jazeera).  

Update #2: Yup. The Taliban have definitely not changed .... Taliban ‘has not changed,’ say women facing subjugation in areas of Afghanistan under its extremist rule (the Conversation).


Anonymous said...

The Taliban will be the government. They may send a reoresentat5uive t the UN. They should be frozen out. They should be ostracized to where every brave throat cutter pleads not be given the assignment. If some diplomat talks to them freely like a Pakistan enable, it should be noted and they should receive the same treatment.

Jac said...

Well, we just have postponed for 20 years what it just have to happen.