Saturday, July 24, 2021

Aircraft Spotter Thanked By F-15E Pilot After Alerting Him To sparks coming from his plane

Sparks fly in the July 13 incident at RAF Lakenheath. MATT SMART

Daily Mail: British photographer saved US fighter pilot by raising the alarm after spotting a shower of sparks from the back of the pilot's F-15E 

* Ian Simpson, 56, saw sparks shooting from fighter jet while taking photographs 

* Briton quickly phoned RAF Lakenheath base, in Suffolk, before pilot landed jet 

 * Brit motivated to act after death of other US pilot who crashed into the North Sea 

A quick-thinking British photographer has been honoured by a US military pilot whose life he potentially saved after warning him that his engine was faulty - after he had already taken off. 

Ian Simpson, 56, happened to be taking photos of an F-15E Strike Eagle fighter jet, piloted by US Air Force Major Grant Thompson, when he noticed sparks flying from its rear. 

While listening to flight control traffic at RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk on Tuesday, Mr Simpson and other aviation enthusiasts realised the pilot had no idea there was a problem with the aircraft.  

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Update #1: Aircraft Spotter Thanked By F-15E Pilot After Alerting Him To Malfunctioning Jet (Warzone/The Drive)  

Update #2: Aviation enthusiast potentially saves pilot's life after seeing sparks coming from his plane (CNN)  

WNU Editor: This definitely could have ended up badly.


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