Thursday, July 29, 2021

Australian Military Called In To Help Enforce Sydney COVID-19 Lockdown As Cases Rise


Reuters: Australian military to help enforce Sydney COVID-19 lockdown as cases rise 

SYDNEY (Reuters) -Australia's military will help enforce a lockdown in Sydney after the city of 6 million posted a record daily rise in COVID-19 cases on Thursday and state authorities said the outbreak was likely to get worse. 

The lockdown of Australia's biggest city has increased pressure on Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who is now trailing in opinion polls, and heightened concern that Australia's A$2 trillion ($1.5 trillion) economy could slide into recession. 

Despite an extended lockdown in Sydney since an outbreak of the highly infectious Delta variant, 239 new locally acquired coronavirus cases were recorded in the city over a 24-hour period, the biggest daily rise since the pandemic began. 

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