Monday, July 26, 2021

Deadly Street Protests In Iran Over Water Shortages And Economic Hardships Are Spreading


Business Insider: There's a water shortage in Iran as temperatures hit 120F. Security forces are firing on protesters to stop demonstrations. 

* Blazing heat and water shortages hit Iran in July, especially the province of Khuzestan. 

* The situation prompted protests from angry locals, which have been harshly suppressed. 

* Report say Iranian security forces used live ammunition and killed at least 8 people. 

Iranian security fired live rounds at protestors amid water shortages and soaring temperatures, a human rights group and media reports say. 

The protests began in the arid, oil-rich province of Khuzestan on July 15 amid weeks long water shortages, and have since spread to other regions. 

According to, the temperature in Ahvaz, Khuzestan, was 122 degrees Fahrenheit (50 Celsius) on Monday afternoon, with a predicted overnight temperature of 99F. 

The outlook is similar all week. A

mnesty International in a report Friday said that security forces had killed eight protestors, including a teenage boy, by deploying indiscriminate and deadly force. 

The clashes have continued since. 

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 WNU Editor: Iran has been experiencing serious water shortages this year.But it looks like it has gotten worse this summer.

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Anonymous said...

The Ayatollahs can reach out to the Israelis and solve their water problems anytime by stop being homicidal maniacs.

Anonymous said...

such a nice progressive nation, is Iran!

Dave Goldstein said...

The ragheads would rather bite off their thumbs than get help from Israel

Anonymous said...

The water shortage hitting the ethnic SW of Iran is due in part to the Iranian government diverting water to ethnic Persian areas. The ethnic Arabs know this. More than merely being slighted, they are being greatly economically harmed. It will end in violence

If Biden, Biden trainer Klain and the other clowns want to make dealz with the Ayatollahs, thy will end up with the Azeris, Kurds, Arabs, Baluchis and many Persians all hating them.

Anonymous said...

USA has bigger problems.

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