Monday, July 26, 2021

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Have a business presentation to give tomorrow in Toronto. Blogging will return tomorrow (Tuesday) evening.


Anonymous said...

"Former California Senator Barbara Boxer was assaulted and robbed in Oakland’ Jack London Square neighborhood on Monday.

Boxer, 80, was pushed in her back and the assailant stole her cell phone then took off in a getaway car"

Hire a local thug. What better for Chinese or Russian intelligence to update their affinity maps, contact information and information needed to social engineer.

Dan Rather fell from grace after he forged documents over a decade ago, but he still going strong in Democrat circles in Texas.

Why rely on irradiating diplomats and CIA officers, when some information can be obtained by knocking old ladies down?

Anonymous said...

"The notice is actually asking providers to transition to a test that returns results for COVID-19, influenza A, and influenza B"

CDC stopped tacking influenza. It did not disappear.

But this is good news. Now we can juggle 3 balls at one time.

RT-PCR cycle time is an issue. So is time since infection.

Anonymous said...

The CDC deleted 6000 covid deaths associated with people who got the vaccine. And the media isn't asking one question about it

RussInSoCal said...

More like, "Barbara Boxer was gently jostled and relieved of her smart phone by a team of Chinese spies, possibly with her active cooperation".

(You have got to be kidding me)

Crusader said...

You can’t take time off!!!
I’ve worked all day, cooked dinner, cleaned up, put the kids to bed and while the wife was watching a sickly Netflix-produced romance I planned to take time off and read the latest from WNU.

Anonymous said...

Kidding you how? Boxer being targeted by spies is a REMOTE chance. She is retired, Yes. But she would maintain contacts with some current elected officials. The Chinese already have sources all over so would Boxer add more intel per effort. Minimal. Could be an up and coming spy network.

Anonymous said...

"How do you as a country recruit young men and women to be willing to serve and possibly die for the country if they’re told from the early stage that somehow their country is inherently broken, and evil, and racist and can’t be redeemed?" - Marine

“die” - Democrat

Democrats want people to die.

Anonymous said...

This is getting wild..100k+ protestors in London shouting to arrest boris Johnson and BBC and no other major news outlet covering it

In France the same with macrone AND they sprayed his house/ the presidential house with feces using fire truck hoses lol

The MSM is completely suppressing what's going on. I think 2 more weeks and we will see protests in the USA

they have to hurry up with another strain or lockdown narrative or it's over for them and we will hang them. So be prepared, they'll likely go for hack attack, as people caught on to the virus bullshit. Do not believe them when they tell you XYZ @hack attack. It's all in their own documents. Operation lockstep was rejected by the public. The vaccine numbers are fake. The PCR tests are fake. We must come together and punish those who commit unspeakable crimes against humanity

Anonymous said...

"they have to hurry up with another strain or lockdown narrative "

This is about control. Solar and wind is the easiest sell to preppers, survivalists, and others. Easy sell. Except liberals can't make the sale. Why? Because renewables energy is about greed. It is about lining pockets. It is about control. The tech is not ready yet. If it was they would not have to push it. It would be the opposite. People would be clamoring for it. It would be pull not push. Supply would be trailing demand for a while.

People are afraid of EMP, oil embargo, peak oil, grid hacking, big business jacking up rates, societal collapse, and control freaks. People want solar and wind. The way Democrats are going about shows they are what people fear ... control freaks.

Sure people are really, really dumb. Paradoxically they are really, really smart. When (or IF) the reliability, price and the rest is there, people will move to solar or wind and Democrats will be running to catch up with the crowd, so they can pretend to lead it.

Anonymous said...

Boxer, 80, was assaulted by an assailant who "pushed her in the back, stole her cell phone and jumped in a waiting car," the tweet said.

Did Barbara Boxer just get mugged by reality?

did barbara notice?

It may mean nothing, but the mugger was awfully gentle. Are barbara and the mugger aware that elderly people often suffer life threatening hip fractures when they fall? So was it kid gloves?

Anonymous said...

Barbaric "did not seek re-election for the Senate in 2016 and was succeeded by Vice President Kamala Harris. She joined the lobbying firm Mercury Public Affairs as co-chairwoman in 2020."

So barbarian is still involved in politics.

fred said...

Plz post source for that claim

fred said...

Evidence for wild clim?

fred said...

Stupid remark dems in charge in winning two world wars

fred said...

How many gop now lobbyists?
They almost all do that
Get real

Anonymous said...

Fred, the guy with the low, low lexile score. That means poor reading comprehension for those of you with a fancy sheepskins, but no real education.

1) I did not write that it was wrong to be a lobbyist. In fact I wrote or implied that Boxershorts phone might be of interest exactly, because she is a lobbyist. You could initiate a war based on what was or was not on Boxershort's $800 phone.

2) Asking for a source or evidence is itself evidence that you did not read or cannot read with comprehension.

3) Some historians claim that Russia was the major determinant in Germanies defeat. The great majority of Germanies divisions were in Russia and that is where they got chewed up. Fun fact is that Germany did so well because Russia was staging to attack Germany 1st but got caught flat footed.

In both cases the American president waited 2 years before jumping in. Almost as of they wanted to makes sure they jumped in on the winning side.

People have argued that Operation Torch put off Operation Overlord and prolonged WW2 by a year. Good Work FDR, ya dog!

4) Maybe you should wake up

'Failed miserably' — Pentagon's wargame failure signals that the wokester generals are fighting the last wars
By Monica Showalter

Anonymous said...

Biden THREATENED to go to war and said the US may get into a “real shooting war with a major power” soon.

Biden also said unvaccinated Americans are stupid when asked if he is considering a vaccine mandate for federal workers.

After Biden concluded his speech and walked away from the lectern, he quickly pivoted and shuffled back over to the microphone and said he has to get permission from his handlers to leave.

“I have to seek permission to leave,” Biden said.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Biden judge drops case against Chinese spy for “no reason”

Anonymous said...

Freddy, you demanding evidence hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Yes Woodrow did so well didn't he? He's one of your heroes isn't he Freddy?

Anonymous said...

Same sources you always used Freddy.

Anonymous said...

Woodrow did so well they are renaming all buildings named after him,. but someone keep brining Woodrow up. Slow Learner.

Anonymous said...

Democrat Donor and Hillary Clinton Pal Ed Buck Convicted in Meth Overdose Deaths of Two Black Men at His West Hollywood Apartment

Anonymous said...

Renaming all buildings after him, hahahahaha! Freddy's hero, along with Joe Hill.

Anonymous said...

After 2025 will you be able to find a grade school or high school named after Woodrow Wilson?

Anonymous said...

What happened to that murderer ed buck? Her killed two with drugging them with meth, right? Normal Democrat behaviour, killing black people after pretending you're their friend, so I guess nothing happened to him, but just wondering