Saturday, July 24, 2021

Grim Covid-19 Projections For The U.S.. Delta Variant Surge Projected To Peak In Mid-October And Cause Up To 240K Infections And 4K Deaths Per Day If Current Vaccination Rates Stay The Same

Daily Mail: Indian Delta variant surge is projected to peak in mid-October and cause up to 240K infections and 4K DEATHS per day IF current vaccination rates stay the same: Experts plead with public to get their shots as US COVID cases rise 166% in two weeks 

* Concerns are rising about the highly infectious Delta variant as it races across the United States

* A mathematical model predicts a new peak in October that could approach the highs in January 

* On the worst end of the projection, new cases could hit 240,000 a day and daily deaths could top 4,000 

* The seven-day average of daily new cases in the US has risen 166% in the past two weeks 

* Epidemiologist says that Delta is 200% more contagious than the original virus first identified in China 

* Delta now accounts for more than 82% of all new US cases and will soon make up nearly all cases 

* Even as virus surges, some states are moving to withhold daily numbers and only report weekly 

A startling new projection suggests that coronavirus cases and deaths in the US could return to levels last seen during the January peak, as the Delta variant first identified in India fuels a massive surge in infections. 

As of Saturday, the seven-day rolling average of daily new cases was nearly 50,000, a 166 percent increase from two weeks ago, according to a analysis of Johns Hopkins data. 

Meanwhile vaccination rates are plateauing, with just 57 percent of the eligible population fully vaccinated. 

 It's a dangerous combination that could be leading the nation toward a new phase of disaster, according to projections released this week by the COVID-19 Scenario Modeling Hub.  

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Update: The Delta Variant Will Drive A Steep Rise In U.S. COVID Deaths, A New Model Shows (NPR)  

WNU Editor: The Biden administration knows that this could derail their agenda .... Surge of covid delta variant poses new political threat to Biden and his agenda (Washington Post).


Anonymous said...

this story lays out the foundation of the lawsuit. The lawyers claim to have the evidence and expert witnesses to back it up. I tend to believe in these allegations based on other things I have read. I will be watching. the question is, can they back up their claims in front of a judge. We shall see.

B.Poster said...

The "judge" cam simply throw put the lawsuit based upon an invented "technicality." Of course the Frontline doctors can back up their claims!! It's a "slam dunk." This is why the case won't be heard. If our country isn't the most corrupt country on earth, we're pushing hard for the top spot!!

Crusader said...

They were pretty quick bringing in the army early January. Why not deploy them nationwide?

Turfy77 said...

COVID Vaccinations are dangerous and will kill you, be smart people do your research.

Anonymous said...

you don't get but stop telling smarter people what to do: those not getting vaccine are those dying. to say otherwise is a lie, bullshit, dead wrong, the words of a fool
Trump got shots and many leaders in GOP also

Anonymous said...

You had your chance!!!!

Anonymous said...

How can you tell if someone has been vaccinated?
Ask them who won the election

Anonymous said...

9:28 is the type of person found trespassing at night on a farm.

A type of person who knows not what Endothelial means, because they have not been given permission.

Stephen said...

I call bullshit, never ending rollercoaster of fear porn

Stephen said...

Incel at 7:04, just go away, keep slurping the kool-aid the government gives you and WNU editor here.

Anonymous said...

and you, miss, are the type of person who foams hate and has nothing better to do than to try to put down others. Grow up, fuckface

Anonymous said...

Everyone has to take the shot from the same people that fly around the world talking about population control. The same people that say we only have 10 years to "save" the earth. They made the virus and now they make the shot u better take it or u are a bad person your children have to take it as well don't ask questions or u are a bad person its crazy. Put up side I'm gunna enjoy the extra leg room in a few years when all the lemmings are dead from there jab

Anonymous said...

Dr. Fauci is murdering people.


Anonymous said...

Pfizer CEO cashing in on hyped up covid vaccine, sells 62% of stock

UK woman threatened with police 'visit' for not downloading 'track and trace' app

CDC stopped recording flu cases at some point

CDC stopped reporting hospitalization capacity data in July, good way hide no link between 'cases' and hospitalizations

"The scamdemic future: booster 'vaccines' for non-immunity while denying natural lasting immunity for freedom passports"

"Amazon bans book that questions the official covid-19 narrative"

For the record I hate ecency. I think they may be smarter than me. Jealous

Sam said...

You are pretty ignorant aren't you?

Anonymous said...

10:07 defending his BF 9:28. Chivalry is not dead!

Anonymous said...

How can you tell if someone has been vaccinated?
Ask them who won the election

Trump won. I got vaccinated 8 weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Fauci DEFENDS giving $600,000 in NIH funding to Wuhan lab for COVID research and insists it would have been 'negligent' not to do so