Thursday, July 29, 2021

Heavy Clashes Reported Between Syrain Rebels And The Syrian Army In Southern Syria

People take part in a demonstration against Syria's President Bashar al-Assad and presidential elections, in the opposition-held Idlib, Syria May 26, 2021. (photo credit: KHALIL ASHAWI / REUTERS)  

Al Jazeera: Heavy clashes grip southern Syria’s Deraa province, monitor says 

The fighting started when government forces fired artillery shells towards Deraa al-Balad in tandem with a ground push. 

Fighting between Syrian government forces and rebels has intensified near Deraa city, in what has been described as the heaviest clashes since the southern eponymous province came under government control. 

Tensions flared on Thursday, leading to what the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights called the “most violent and broadest clashes in Daraa [Deraa] since it came under regime control”.  

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WNU Editor: This is a big red flag to those who think that the civil war in Syria is over.

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