Saturday, July 24, 2021

Tens Of Thousands Participate In Anti-Lockdown Protests In Australia


The Hill: Thousands participate in anti-lockdown protests in Australia 

Thousands of protesters on Saturday took to the streets of Sydney and other cities across Australia to push back on continued COVID-19 lockdown orders amid new record case surges in the country. 

 Videos and photos posted to social media showed people, many of whom were not wearing masks, gathered closely together in the streets of Sydney, chanting “freedom” and holding signs with phrases like “unmask the truth.” 

Some violent clashes erupted between protesters and police, who tried to disperse the demonstrators to prevent further COVID-19 outbreaks in Sydney’s state of New South Wales, which reported 163 new coronavirus infections on Friday.  

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WNU Editor: The Aussies are not the only ones who are protesting .... Coronavirus: Thousands protest against restrictions across Europe (DW).

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Anonymous said...

Its not just the US government that has shown itself to be self serving, and not of the people.

Anonymous said...

This city of Sydney is locked down because one man died and 111 tested positive out of 80,000.

An ancient person dies and politicians imprison the entire population within their homes.

This is about control not public health.

Anonymous said...

It would be MANY more if the media in many countries would not suppress this information on protests and the vaccines.

I live in London and there was a massive protest here and the BBC didn't cover it

It's shameful what's going on and it's a coordinated thing globally..we are being misled on the vaccines.. they suppress even what both inventors, the inventor of the PCR test (used for detecting covid) and the inventor of the mRNA technology had to say..

Like WTF!!! both inventors from detection to treatment spoke out against using their technologies this way and warned of the exact consequences we observe

Health risks@mRNA
And vast numbers of false positives


fazman said...

Most of us Aussies see them for the vocal minority nut jobs that they are lol

Anonymous said...

Really Fazman?

Does increasing the suicide rate, increasing unemployment, crashing the GDP makes sense, where the majority of deaths are over age 50?

5 out of 6