Thursday, July 29, 2021

U.S. Defense Secretary In Vietnam To Advance Ties With An Eye To China

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin (C) inspects a guard of honour along with Vietnam's Defence Minister Phan Van Giang (L) during a welcoming ceremony in Hanoi on Thursday [Vietnam News Agency/AFP]  

VOA: US Defense Chief Seeks to Advance Ties with Vietnam  

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin looked to improve military relations with Vietnam during talks Thursday. 

The two countries are slowly gaining closer ties as they watch China’s activities in the South China Sea with growing concern. 

The closer security relations come more than 40 years after the Vietnam War ended in 1975. 

President Joe Biden's administration, however, has said there are limits to the relationship unless Hanoi makes progress on human rights. 

Vietnam has strongly opposed China's claims to territory in the South China Sea. Vietnam has also received U.S. military equipment, including navy ships.  

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WNU Editor: There are still too many differences between the U.S. and Vietnam to cooperate.

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Anonymous said...

I hope any day now these criminals in the white house get arrested for the election coup and the medical tyranny they push. It's unbelievable.

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I've used the PCR test myself in the lab, it's a common tool, but it's very crude and it's very well known that it can be used to produce misleading results. It's famous for that. That's how they do it.

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Anonymous said...

What the hell does the above shit have to do with the article? Start your own websites.

Anonymous said...

^ Yes, at the very least start the post with "O/T" (off topic). Have some respect for the Editor, who spends a pretty good slice of his life finding and posting these articles.

Anonymous said...

Asians can count. China is out building the USN by a wide margin and the time is predictable when China will have the dominant navy in the Pacific. The US has to to double its construction of combat vessels or our asian allies will accommodate Chinese power and align with them.

The Biden team had Persident Trumps 355 ship building plan when they came into office. Tore it up and just sent a 250 plan to the Congress.

Anonymous said...

Best comment at 9:51. I upvote it.

Anonymous said...

Loser go home as you did in 1975.

Anonymous said...

South Vietnam kicked North Vietnamese ass in 1972. Nice to see that Han cares so much.

Anonymous said...

They won the battle with US firepower and later lost the war, as you know 10:35.

Anonymous said...

As I know the US cut aid to the South china and Russia did not cut aid t the north. It was another Democrat Party.

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