Thursday, July 29, 2021

U.S. Navy Sailor Charged For Starting Fire That Destroyed The $3B Amphibious Assault Ship USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD-6)


USNI News: Navy Charges Sailor with Arson, Hazarding a Vessel in 2020 Fire of Bonhomme Richard 

The Navy has filed charges against a sailor for allegedly deliberately starting a fire last year that quickly spread and consumed much of the interior of amphibious assault ship USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD-6), the service announced Thursday. 

“The sailor was a member of Bonhomme Richard’s crew at the time and is accused of starting the fire,” Cmdr. Sean Robertson, a U.S. 3rd Fleet spokesperson in San Diego, said in a statement. 

The fire began in the morning of July 13, 2020, as the ship was berthed at Naval Base San Diego. 

It burned for nearly five days and later lead to the Navy’s decision to decommission and scrap the ship, which began commissioned service in 1998 and carried tens of thousands of Marines and sailors across the globe and to combat zones over the years.  

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WNU Editor: Someone's gotta pay the $3 billion bill that the US Navy is now saying was deliberately set. 

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Jeffsmith said...

Talk about putting a lean on your house. 😖🤯💵💰

Anonymous said...

Crewman is Chinese descent?

Anonymous said...

He is apparently only known as "crewman".

Anonymous said...

Only so many people were on the ship. Some with people and some not. No one saw anything or a person would already be in Leavenworth. Someone could have left a timed incendiary device in trash a day or two before. It was so hot it could have burned up evidence.

Maybe this someone talked to someone after the fact and that is how they know.

There are no court martial proceeding yet, of anyone had bothered to read. It is in the preliminary stages similar to a grand jury.

If it goes forward I would expect something in August or September but no later than December, but what do I know.

I am happy that they have not released a name. It makes chances of a fair trial more likely, maybe. If this person has a military appointed lawyer, that lawyer can help convict the person. So BYOL.

Maybe the NSA or Post Office knows who did it. The Post Office has authority to spy on anyone.

Anonymous said...

Not only did he endanger lives and intentionally destroy government property, but he also directly affected national security. If guilty, death penalty.

Anonymous said...

Could be she. Could be a shehe. We were never told their preferred pronouns. In an age of CRT, personal pronoun is more important than a LHD. We need to do things right and proper. We would not want to deadname a person or use the wrong pronouns.

Anonymous said...

I am more interested in the motive behind this person's decision to do this.

Anonymous said...

Either paid or learned it from their grade school teacher.