Friday, July 30, 2021

World Races To Contain Delta Variant

AFP: World races to contain Delta variant, US steps up anti-virus plan 

Governments around the world on Thursday raced to head off a surge in coronavirus cases driven by the Delta variant, with US President Joe Biden offering new incentives to vaccine holdouts and Israel authorizing booster shots. 

The World Health Organization warned the highly transmissible strain of the virus, first detected in India, could unleash a "fourth wave" of cases in its Eastern Mediterranean zone -- an area stretching from Morocco to Pakistan. 

Those countries are especially at risk because vaccination rates are low -- only 5.5 percent of the region's population has been fully vaccinated. So in nations where vaccines are more available, public officials are sounding the alarm.  

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WNU Editor: Here is the tally .... Coronavirus tally: Global cases of COVID-19 top 196.6 million and more than 4 billion vaccine doses have been administered globally (Marketwatch).


Sam said...

I am fully vaccinated. To the ones who are anti vaccination, check out the ones who said the smallpox vaccine wouldn't work.

Anonymous said...

Kind of oversimplifying there Sam dear. Lots of people get vaxxed for chicken pox, MMR and other vaccines both as children and then turn around as adults and get their their children vaxxed.

It is a novel vaccine (mRNA) that has not gone thru phase 3 trials before it was used. The diseases is mild and mostly kills elderly, who have 2 or more comorbidities. The risk of those below retirement age is minimal.

So Sam, why do you fight so hard?

Seriously, if you are not a regular reader of SCIAM, Discover or some other science magazine, your response seems more emotional, political or anything else but well reasoned.

Anonymous said...

1) Experimental mRNA shots are not a vaccine

2) many vaccinated people get sick again.. that shouldn't be the case for a vaccine!! A vaccine gives you usually life long immunity and protection. These "vaccines" are not vaccines and do not give you life long protection. And they're not free. The drug companies sell them to you throug taxes and soon directly

3) many of these vaccines are not safe and have side effects that include loose of limbs(pfizer,astra zeneca, all had limbs lost), loss of life(all), long term heart tissue and brain tissue issues(all), epileptic shocks(all) and more

4) pressuring people into taking unsafe vaccines is not just ethically wrong..we have laws for that.. you might familiarize yourself what we do with people who do this under the Nurnberg code.. hint..we will only need a chair and some rope to deal with drug pushers under the law

5) just two days ago the contract between Pfizer and a nation was leaked. The document is typically the same for all nations. You should read them. They're quite eye opening just how deep the rabbit hole goes. Pfizer and other companies not only get financial and legal protection, but the way the contract is worded looks like a "take it under these 20,000 conditions or leave it and it doesn't have to work l and even if it kills everyone we get our money" and of course 10-30 years secrecy clauses. 30 years in Israel, where they force vaccinated everyone. And in the context, my dear expert, it clearly states that a) longterm adverse effects might happen b) long term effects are not fully understood as no long term safety study exists

You push these drugs on children, I'll personally hang you if I get the chance

Anonymous said...

I am fully vaccinated (Modera) and was sick for over 2 weeks with the fucking Delta variant.

Anonymous said...

I read an article about the patent office not letting the Pharma list mrna as a vaccine. I have been trying to do my own research to see if that is true. I found an article in nature magazine where they were trying to do a story about the complicated mess of patents surrounding the vaccine. they found that with some of those patents, the patent numbers are redacted so they can't be researched.

Sam, it is crap like this that makes so many of us cynical and non trusting of anything that comes from the government experts. This hiding of what should be a public record is not good.

So, we sit back, wait and see. We should have a right to do that without a loss of freedoms.

Anyways, Ron.

Anonymous said...

Israel is the most vaccinated country on earth and they have the highest numbers of deaths and infected now.

Do not take these shots, we never gassed a vaccine for the Corona virus because it mutates too quickly. It's impossible to vaccinate everyone at the same time, including animals which are a vector too.
You are being tricked.

Please inform yourself on what the inventor of the PCR test, Nobel prize winner in medicine, an actual scientist who knew Fauci, had to say about this demonic creature before he died. He also said NOT to use his test, the pcr test, a test I have used myself many times in the lab, for the detection of Corona virus fragments AS IT WOULD RELIABLY AND PREDICTABLY LEAD TO FALSE POSITIVES

Everyone in a bio or genetics lab who has used the PCR test knows this. It's a very unreliable test when you run it against a broad class of viral fragments that are related and the test cannot differentiate. And they run it at way too high cycles which enforced false positives. IT'S A SCAM to take your rights, to lock you down, to pit vaccinated against the unvaccinated.

It's a death cult.
The vaccines don't work, have never worked and in the leaked Pfizer document they ADMIT they don't know the long term effects AND have partnered with governments to sworn secrecy for 10-30 years. In Israel, the most vaccinated country with now.we the most deaths they agreed to 30 years secrecy.

It's a hostile takeover.
It's global communism under the great reset, which means they want to enslave humanity under a neofeudalist system Abbas depopulate the earth according to their own documents and they use the "vaccines" to convert your body into vector generating engines, and reducing your own immune system and making you dependent on pharma corporations.

We have to go on the offense and inform people what's happening and how severe the vaccine lies are. They don't give you immunity. They're not vaccines. They make toy dependent on drug pushers. It's a global hostile takeover to enslave humanity and install them as neo feudal rulers.

It's a drug cartel powered death cult

Anonymous said...

mostly kills the elderly? what do you consider old? those over 15? check how many Not So Elderly have died.
vaccine last a lifetime? golly. I got the flu shot yearly. what a waste. Vaccine for flu should have been only once!
Don't even need to read science mags (though I do) to understand that

Anonymous said...

I think people realise that the vaccines don't work

Don't listen to those who've taken it. They've committed to be in a cult, let them

I've got 4 friends who've taken the vaccines. 2(!!!) Of them reported side effects, one was in pain and tears for days. And she was tricked into believing they'd work and that she would get her freedom back

Listen, friends. It's a global takeover..I don't know evo exactly is behind it but I have several medical degrees including in genetics and virology.

There's a reason why I knew a year ago the"vaccines"(they are not vaccines, they're experimental mRNA shots that produce an active version of the virus in you..a vaccine exposes you to a dead version of a virus)

We are being misled
And those who talked you into taking these shots don't give a fuck about your health

And it's not the pharma companies.. they're way too smart and lawyered up. I worked in that exact field, I know how criminally corrupt they are. The billions and billions they take in, fully knowing the drugs they push don't work READ their own contracts that were leaked

The corporate media, cnn, fox talks you into taking these shots in their opinion segments where they lie through their teeth.. they're demonic, I wish death on them for what they've talked you into taking. They've talked children into taking these shots. They did it for money and politics.

They risked all our lives and have killed and injured scores while their partners in crime, drug cartels, made billions and billions for drugs that not only work but spread the virus kill people and pit them against each other

If you wanted to kill humans, you couldn't do a better job you monsters

Anonymous said...

"mostly kills the elderly? what do you consider old? those over 15? check how many Not So Elderly have died."


Generally those over 65 have been affected. We are not talking about a uniform distribution or a normal distribution. It is a distribution, which is skewed right.

So fuck-shit-up, are you gong to tell us as many people 0 to 15 died as 65 to 100.

"vaccine last a lifetime? golly."

Really? Then how come Pfizer is in talks with the government about booster shots. You are such a slut and so easy. You make every stray dog within 5 miles of your home happy.