Monday, August 2, 2021

Tweets Of The Day

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Anonymous said...

Katie Benner worked as copy editor for 2 years in Beijing.

Which publications? Global Times? Who knows. She holds everything close to the chest.

She is quoted that a friend suggested she move to China to teach English.
Source she has an English degree but usually people get a TESL degree if they desire to teach English to non native speakers. Ayn people with bachelors have taught English in the past, so merely having an English degree to teach English to non-native speakers is quite common. IT was very common but now China has upgunned and they have doctorates in English out the ass.

I can't help wonder who the friend was? Were they as fake as Obama's composite characters?

She "grew up in Vermont" First gen? 2nd Gen? Adopted?

I wonder, if she is a Chinese agent.

For growing up in Vermont in a good(?) school district she plays I was a minority in Bowdoin college card quite well.

Trump was right. The NYT is enemy of the people.