Friday, September 17, 2021

China Denies German Warship Entry Into Shanghai Harbor

The German frigate Bayern set off in early August on a six-month mission. Photo: Twitter  

CNN: China denies German warship entry into harbor, Berlin says 

Berlin: China has denied a German warship on a mission to the contested South China Sea entry into a harbor, a German Foreign Ministry spokesperson said on Wednesday. 

The ship involved is the frigate Bayern, the spokesperson told a news briefing, but did not identify the Chinese harbor. 

The vessel set sail from Germany last month for a six-month mission to the South China Sea. 

"China has decided that it does not want a harbor visit, and we took notice of that," the spokesperson said. 

China's Foreign Ministry spokesman, Zhao Lijian, when asked about the incident, said that China hoped countries outside the region would play a "constructive role" and respect regional countries efforts' to maintain peace and stability. 

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WNU Editor: This was a goodwill visit that China scrapped at the last moment. 

This is China's explanation on why they made this decision .... Chinese FM stresses efforts in safeguarding peace in S.China Sea after rejecting port visit of German warship (Global Times). 

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Anonymous said...

Guess they should just dock in Taiwan now...

Anonymous said...

Lol exactly

Anonymous said...

Germany wants to sleep with the panda. It’s craving some panda lustful embraces and rich rewards.
Xi is playing far to get.

Adam said...

Good call

Anonymous said...

A "goodwill" visit from Germany?! Merkel should have saved time and had her pal Putin set up a rendezvous in a Chinese brothel. "No charge, Mr. Xi, it was free. As a sign of goodwill."