Sunday, September 19, 2021

Former MI6 Deputy Warns China 'Edges Closer' To War With The U.S.

Illustration: Liu Rui/G 

 Express: China 'edges closer' to war with US as Xi Jinping loses patience, former MI6 deputy warns 

CHINA is "edging closer" to war with the US over Taiwan, according to the former deputy director of MI6, who warned that Beijing is concluding that "peaceful efforts are no longer possible".

China is close to concluding that its attempts to take over Taiwan will only work "through military efforts". The ex-deputy director of MI6 Nigel Inkster told LBC this morning that the likelihood of military confrontation between China and the US was "as high as eight, on a scale of one to ten". 

On Friday, Taiwan’s air force scrambled to warn away 10 Chinese aircraft that entered its air defence zone.  

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WNU Editor: What concerns me is that China does not believe the U.S. will want to go to war against China. Since the fall of Afghanistan, Chinese state media has been pumping out articles like this one .... Why US is afraid to go to war with China (Hu Xijin, Global Times). 

Another red flag (to me) is Chinese President Xi's refusal to a face to face meeting with President Biden at Biden's request ..... President Biden’s Suggestion Of A Face-To-Face Summit With Chinese President Xi Jinping Was Refused (September 15, 2021). This is the first time in decades that China has done this to the U.S.. A blunt no thank-you to a plea from the U.S. President. Clearly the phone call that occurred between the two Presidents did not impress President Xi. 

What all of this tells me is that China has written off the Biden administration, and they are now positioning themselves on how can they take advantage of U.S. weakness and uncertainty. 

One other area of concern that I have is the collapse of Chinese developer Evergrande. This is causing financial and economic shockwaves in China and is being under-reported by the Western media .... With Evergrande Collapsing, China Is Entering A Liquidity Crisis (September 18, 2021). This has a very real proppect of getting out of hand, and what better way to distract the Chinese people away from this crisis by instigating a military show of force against Taiwan that would draw in the U.S..


Anonymous said...

Wnu, keep on dreaming.

Anonymous said...

If there is a war and China wins, Germany and France will be in the line to suck up to the Chinese. Jostling to be first in line.
Any doubts?

Anon said...

Time to check the sources it is not doing good to a father and son.

Anonymous said...

From China's perspective, the sooner the better. Clearly, time is not on their side, as the US continues to "catch up," fill in gaps, and build alliances. That is what would worry me the most. I have a feeling we aren't ready for a major skirmish, let alone a full-on war. The US has lots of plans, gadgets, and upgrades in the pipeline, but that's all most of them are right now. In three to five years it will be different, but right now there is a lot of fixing, maintenance, and reshuffling to do after 20 years of fighting desert and mountain ragheads. I'd reluctantly give China the edge for at least the next couple of years.

Jac said...

100% with you and it's scary.

Anonymous said...

Anon can you rework your sentence? I take it to mean Father and son are Joe and Hunter. But I have no idea what you mean.

Anonymous said...

War with China is war in Korea is war in Vietnam is war in Australia is war in Japan is war in China is war at home.