Sunday, September 19, 2021

French President Macron Is Expected To Speak With President Biden In The Next Few Days About The Australian Submarine Deal

US President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron meet during a bilateral meeting at the G-7 summit, Saturday, June 12, 2021, in Carbis Bay, England. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky) 

The Hill: France's Macron to speak to Biden about submarine deal 

French President Emmanuel Macron is expected to speak with President Biden in the next few days about the submarine deal the U.S. and U.K. made with Australia in an apparent snub to France. 

Gabriel Attal, a French government spokesperson, said on Sunday that Macron would seek "clarification" from Biden regarding the cancellation of France's submarine deal with Australia, according to Reuters. 

"President Biden asked to speak to the President of the Republic and there will be a telephone discussion in the next few days between President Macron and President Biden," Attal said. 

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Update #1: France’s Macron to talk to Biden amid crisis over submarines -- AP  

Update #2: Macron to hold call with U.S. President Biden -French government spokesman -- Reuters  

WNU Editor: The French President wants clarification and explanations from the U.S. President personally .... France says Macron, Biden to talk in ‘coming days’ amid spat over submarine deal (AFP). 

Here is my prediction on this phone call. French President Macron will not be satisfied.


Anonymous said...

Title of blogpost is in error. Macron will not speak with Biden. Macron will speak at President Marshmellow. Staff listening into the phoncon will agree to a response and tell Joe what to say.

Anonymous said...

So Joe is not just pissing off the French. He pissed of the Mexicans too.

"The Center for Immigration Studies, sent a senior researcher named Todd Bensman to ask those questions on the ground, going to the immigrants themselves...

Mexico was the one who did it. Turns out Joe Biden promised them some things and based on the available information, apparently never delivered. Mexico's response to that was comparable to that of the underpaid wedding photographer who deleted a camera full of wedding photos after the callous client denied her a bathroom or meal break after a multi-hour shift. They had been penning up thousands of illegal Haitian migrants on their southern border in the town of Tapachula from entering the U.S. and opened the floodgates, all to teach Joe Biden a lesson about messing with them."

Joe just a real pisser

Anonymous said...

Cheezy bunch. Real cheezy. Certainly not able to run the show well.

Anonymous said...

Why bother with the chat, the deal is off, get over it already....

Anonymous said...

Macron is about to enjoy a smoke bidet.

Anonymous said...

Would Trump support a zillion dollars for American makers of subs or kiss the French on both cheeks and say: this is strictly for you and your economy?

Anonymous said...

Get over what?

If we lose France from NATO, it would be a major disaster for NATO. How would you fight a Russian offensive without the French military and French ports?

Sure you can use Belgium and Dutch ports, but now Russian interdiction of MSRs and ASRs becomes 2X easier.

The French had a signed contract. Details of the contract are not readily available, so if the was a clause where the Australians could terminate the contract is unknown.

It is more than just a contract. It is about French jobs and the health of major French companies. Telling the French FU and F__k the French economy is not something that they will soon forget.

The US could have included the French in discussions and rearranged things so they could still sell 10 subs or maybe sell 6, 7 or 8. Nuclear subs might be needed for the Chinese threat, but I can see the diesels doing journey man work in the choke pints between the islands along the equator.

Anonymous said...

For blue water I would want a nuke.

For coastal waters I would want a sub.

I assume coastal waters to be or become very dangerous. I do not think any sub has a long life span in coastal waters. Less expensive to lose diesel and you lose less capability, if you lose a diesel instead of a nuke a nuke.

I believe that a good warfighting strategy is to find a good mix between nuke and diesel numbers and mission. It is like armor divisions in WW2, where countries adjusted their infantry to tank ratios to come up with a good or optimal mix.

I better strategy would have been to not break the contract, but amend it and keep the French happier, if not totally happy.

Anonymous said...

"Would Trump support a zillion dollars for American makers of subs or kiss the French on both cheeks and say: this is strictly for you and your economy?"

Chinese have a saying

"Rich country, strong defense."

So the idea is that is does not matter of we beggar the French economy, somehow ***miracle*** happens and the French can still mount a strong defense as part of NATO.