Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Some Reflections On Canada's Election

Image from CBC News  

WNU Editor: Nothing has changed, but a lot has changed. 

The big winner in this election was Prime Minister Trudeau and the Liberal Party. Their vote is down but they won the parliamentary seats that counted. They did not get the majority government that they had hoped for, but after running a very bad campaign they find themselves to be the next government in Canada, albeit a minority government dependent on the support of the other parties. 

The big loser in this campaign was the leader of the Conservative Party. His hard shift to the left alienated a lot of the party's supporters who (in my analysis) ran to the other conservative party in this election (The People's Party of Canada). If their vote was combined, IMHO the Conservative Party would have been positioned to form the next government of Canada. It would be a minority government, but they would be in power. 

But that did not happen. 

Unfortunately for my Conservative friends, after listening to Erin O'Toole's speech conceding his defeat, I do not see any reflection on why he lost, nor any indication that he would resign. In short. More of the same.

So what do I expect in the next Trudeau government.

Prime Minister Trudeau will continue to implement his hard-core progressive agenda. Maybe even double down on it. With the support of the NDP (Canada's socialist party), Trudeau's priorities will be implemented. 

As to what are those priorities. 

A bigger push on implementing tax and regulatory measures to combat "climate change". 

A continuation of massive spending and monetary policies that will mean higher inflation.

Higher taxes .... that is a given.

A censorship bill that will limit freedoms and speech on internet platforms.


Anonymous said...

All negatives in my view. Well...one gets what one votes for.

Anonymous said...

You can't underestimate the ignorance of the masses.

Anonymous said...

the ignorant masses democracy counts votes of the masses. You lost. get over it. you are not special no matter what nation you live in. You are one of the masses

Anonymous said...

the ignorant masses democracy counts votes of the masses.


Is that a Bidenism or is you brain so far gone that you have a hard time forming grammatically correct or understandable sentences?