Thursday, September 23, 2021

Western Experts Are Saying Chinese State-Sponsored Hacking Is Now At Record Levels

Microsoft’s offices in Beijing. The attack in March on its Exchange company server software was ‘real recklessness’, says one expert. Photograph: Andy Wong/AP 

The Guardian: Experts say China’s low-level cyberwar is becoming severe threat  

Activity more overt and reckless despite US, British and other political efforts to bring it to a halt 

Chinese state-sponsored hacking is at record levels, western experts say, accusing Beijing of engaging in a form of low-level warfare that is escalating despite US, British and other political efforts to bring it to a halt. 

There are accusations too that the clandestine activity, which has a focus on stealing intellectual property, has become more overt and more reckless, although Beijing consistently denies sponsoring hacking and accuses critics of hypocrisy. 

Jamie Collier, a consultant with Mandiant, a cybersecurity firm whose work is often cited by intelligence agencies, said the level of hacking emerging from China in 2021 was “a more kind of severe threat than we previously anticipated”.  

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WNU Editor: To counter China's cyber security threats, some countries are now recommending drastic measures .... 'Throw away your Chinese phone' says Lithuania, after new report reveals built-in censorship tech (Euronews).

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Anonymous said...

Another sign that the CCP is grabbing all that it can get--of everything--before attacking Taiwan and going to war with the US. At this point, stealth methods are less important than getting as much as it can while the getting is still good.