Tuesday, October 19, 2021

China’s Military Training Nurses To Conduct Night Island Landings

Military nurses are undergoing training to prepare them for an island landing combat situation. Photo: PLA Daily  

SCMP: China’s military tests nurses in nighttime island landing simulation 

* More than 300 nurses took part in training on a boat simulator, administering intravenous medication in near-complete darkness with waves of 2 metres 

* PLA is also developing a new digital health monitor for troops to wear that uses AI to decide who gets treated first and guide the nearest medic to them 

The People’s Liberation Army is training military nurses using a boat simulator to prepare them for a combat situation involving an island landing. 

More than 300 nurses from an unspecified military hospital took part in the first round of training from July 2020 to February this year – the first time the PLA has conducted this type of simulation exercise for nurses. 

Its Joint Logistics Support Force said the nurses had to administer medication via an intravenous line in near-complete darkness in a simulation of a nighttime combat scenario at sea, with waves of 2 metres (6.5ft).  

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Update: China tested nurses during simulated night landing exercise: Report (WION)  

WNU Editor: Using 300 nurses in a nighttime landing simulation?!?!?!? Developing a new digital health monitor for troops to wear that uses AI to decide who gets treated first and guide the nearest medic to them?!?!?!

I do not think there is any military in the world today doing the same thing at this scale.


Jac said...

I'm very happy to hear that: this is typically bureaucracy thinking. It will fail, good for us.

Anonymous said...

Wnu, yes and its pathetic/ borderline treasonous that they don't

We all saw the threat of China coming for decades

They not only lean into it, they looooove the tyranny. Want to become like China and in fact have tested many systems that are in operation in China today, to then use against their own populations.

We are witnessing a mass extermination event under the disguise of covid to save the rich from the poor.

Because, as they predicted in their own writings, the world economic forum, the top 100 biggest corporations, foresee that by 2030 the biggest part of the population will be unemployed because of AI and automation.

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So they gotta get rid of a few billion people.

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It's not China vs USA

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And both, China and our traitors gave decided to betray nation states, discredit their history, take over governments and kill everyone in their way

That's what is happening right now.
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And you all think this economy will recover or there won't be war Haha

Wnu.. honestly you're a war blogger who isn't reporting on the war he's a victim in

They'll kill you too, buddy