Sunday, October 24, 2021

Chinese & Russian Warships Are Still Circling Japan In A Joint Patrol (Updated)

Daily Mail: Chinese and Russian warships team up for their first-ever joint patrols in the western Pacific Ocean as they pass through Japanese islands 

* Chinese and Russian warships held their first-ever joint patrol in the western Pacific Ocean this weekend 

* The two countries' cooperation comes as their relationship with the West is at its lowest since the Cold War 

* The manoeuvres were in the Tsugaru Strait separating Japan's main island and its northern one of Hokkaido 

* Japan watched the naval movements closely in the Strait, which is regarded as international waters Chinese and Russian warships held their first-ever joint patrol in the western part of the Pacific Ocean this weekend. 

Moscow and Beijing, which staged naval cooperation drills in the Sea of Japan earlier in October, have cultivated closer military and diplomatic ties in recent years at a time when their relations with the West have soured. 

The naval manoeuvres were watched closely by Japan, which said earlier this week that a group of ten vessels from China and Russia sailed through the Tsugaru Strait that separates Japan's main island of Honshu and its northern one of Hokkaido.  

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WNU Editor: The Japanese are seeing these naval exercises as a direct threat to their nation .... Tokyo Says Self-Defenсe Forces Fighters Scrambled Over Chinese Chopper Takeoff Near Danjo (Sputnik). More here .... Japan defense minister warns of Crimea-style invasion of Taiwan (Nikkei Asia), and here .... Japan Monitoring Combined Russian and Chinese Naval Fleet Sailing Off Honshu (USNI News). 

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Anonymous said...

Fuck this! When we nuke China, we nuke Russia, too!

Unlike Germany, the Us did nothing to make Russia smaller. Russia fell apart under own weight.

The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact resulted on the Baltic countries being invaded, Romanian giving up land under threat. It also resulted in Russian and Germany making plans to invade one another at a not so late date.

Russia might consider, while they operate with the Chinese dragon and might work together, the dragon has its eyes on Siberia. It is a matter of correlation of forces world wide. PERIOD


China will pose its own threat to Russia soon enough

Anonymous said...

Germany was a peaceful nation until bankers fucked them

USA was a great nation until bankers divided and stole from them

Can we please learn our lessons?
The evil on this planet is mostly caused by banks. Mega corporations and corrupt
treasonous governments.

Let's punish THEM
no more wars
NO more innocent deaths
I don't want to kill Russians nor Chinese, I love both.
But the fucking thieving corrupt bankers and vitor treasonous officials. They must hang for their crimes against humanity

Let's get THEM instead and live in peace!!!

Caecus said...

70 years into the nuclear age, and some still don't understand the concept of MAD

Anonymous said...

Oh, Caecus, how little you understand.
Are you familiar with 5th gen warfare? Probably not, because you talk about MAD while you lose the 5th lol

Anonymous said...

It is all the fault of the bankers. Stop banking!
hide your money under the mattress and that will take care of the bankers.
Get them? who and then do what? get some balls and talk like a man. tell us what you want.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic.. defending bankers@343
To defend banks after all they did, requires such historic ignorance, you must be Fred
It identifies you. Your historic ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, right after occupy wallstreet, those bankers got scared because for the first time left and right came together on an issue that matters to them personally. So they pumped billions into race division. Bezos gave 100million a pop to race baiters like van Jones. It's big banks and big corporations that profited of war and death and hatred. It's their opium.