Monday, October 18, 2021

Japan's New Prime Minister Calls For Greater Military Capability And Spending

FILE PHOTO: Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force's Asagiri-class destroyer Hamagiri arrives in the far eastern city of Vladivostok. © Reuters/YURI MALTSEV  

Reuters: Analysis-With an eye on China, Japan's ruling party makes unprecedented defence spending pledge 

TOKYO (Reuters) - An unprecedented election pledge by Japan's ruling party to double defence spending underscores the nation's haste to acquire missiles, stealth fighters, drones and other weapons to deter China's military in the disputed East China Sea. 

The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) included a goal of spending 2% of GDP - about $100 billion - or more on the military for the first time in its policy platform ahead of a national election this month. 

Experts don't expect new Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to double spending anytime soon, given Japan's debt-saddled public finances and a pandemic-stricken economy. 

But it is a sign that the pacifist nation could over time abandon a commitment to keep military budgets within 1% of GDP - a number that for decades has eased concern at home and abroad about any revival of the militarism that led Japan into World War Two. 

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Update: Japan Leader Calls for Greater Military Capability, Spending (  

WNU Editor: The new PM is listening to his advisers .... Tokyo Official: Japan, US May Lose Military Edge Over China (The Defense Post).


Anon said...

Japan's own adversaries within their region is enough reason to increase their own military spending, no more no less Tsk tsk.

Anonymous said...

If you were Japan, would you conclude the lack of a nuclear arsenal puts the country too much at risk?