Monday, October 18, 2021

RAND Report: Combined Russian And Chinese Military Power Will Approach, But Not Exceed US

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, left, and Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe watch a joint military exercise Aug. 13, 2021. (Savitskiy Vadim/Russian Defence Ministry via AP)  

Military Times: Combined Russian and Chinese military power will approach, but not exceed US: report 

The Sino-Russian relationship will continue to strengthen due to the continuation of U.S. policies towards those two nations, and that “aggregate Chinese and Russian power” will “continue to approach, but not exceed” U.S power through 2022, according to a new Rand Corp. report.

The report’s authors describe the growing relationship between Beijing and Moscow as one of pragmatism and based on “balancing” against “U.S. hard and soft power.” 

Additionally, China and Russia share a desire to counter a perceived U.S. ideology “of militarism, interventionism and the forcible imposition of U.S. values on other countries.”  

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WNU Editor: The RAND report is here .... China-Russia Cooperation: Determining Factors, Future Trajectories, Implications for the United States (RAND Corporation).

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