Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Ukraine Breaks Ceasefire. Strikes Eastern Rebels Using Turkish-Made TB2 Drones For The First Time

A Turkish Bayraktar drone like this one at Kyiv's Independence Day military parade in August was used to destroy a Russian-made howitzer in a separatist-controlled area.

RFE: Ukraine Uses Turkish Drone Against Russia-Backed Separatists For First Time  

Ukrainian government forces have used a Turkish-supplied armed drone for the first time against Russia-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine, in a development condemned by the Kremlin. 

The Ukrainian military posted a video on Facebook on October 26 that it said showed a Bayraktar T2B destroying a Russian-made howitzer in a separatist-controlled area. 

The General Staff of the Armed Forces said the advanced drone was used “for the first time” to suppress artillery fire that killed a Ukrainian soldier and wounded another. After the strike, the shelling of Ukrainian positions stopped.

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WNU Editor: Ukraine Department of Defense is boasting the success of this strike .... Ukraine Army hits enemy artillery unit, first time using Bayraktar combat drone (Ukrinform). 

Fighting along the front-lines have increased significantly since US Secretary of Defense Austin's visit to Kiev over a week ago, 

Casualties are now being reported on both sides. 

My gut is telling me that when he was in Kiev US Defense Secretary gave a green-light to Ukraine President Zelensky to escalate the conflict. 

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