Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Will President Biden Serve His Entire 4 Year Term?

Steve Feinstein, American Thinker: Why I’m Betting Biden Goes the 4-Year Distance 

Barring infirmity, Joe Biden is likely to serve out his four-year term. For political reasons, despite the manifest failure of his presidency and his party’s terror of what lies ahead, he has a winning hand. 

Sure, the country is in one heckuva pickle right now. Everyone will agree to that. There is not one single aspect of daily life in America that is better under “President” Biden than it was under President Trump. In every meaningful, measurable, tangible way, the quality of life in this country has deteriorated precipitously.  


Inflation is out of control, we’ve gone from energy independent to begging OPEC for oil, crime is running rampant, the country is up in arms over the arbitrary un-Constitutional mask and vaccine mandates, the Afghanistan exit was a tragic debacle (and Americans are still trapped there, in spite of the liberal media trying to cover that up), illegal immigration is actually being welcomed by the administration in order to change the country’s voting demographics and scores of container ships are unable to offload in California, so store shelves are becoming empty.

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WNU Editor: I am sure that President Biden and his staff want to serve the full four years. A President Harris will bring in her own people and will probably dismiss or demote much of the current White House staff. So the push to keep and protect President Biden in the Oval Office will continue.

But it is going to be very hard for President Biden to serve his entire term. 

Dementia is a terrible disease, and one that I have learned a great deal about from my mother who is suffering from this disease, and from others who are in the same situation.

From what I have seen in the past two years, my guess is that President Biden is in the 3rd stage, and will be entering the fourth stage in the last year of his Presidency. 

But before that happens everyday is going to be a struggle. 

It is going to be taxing for him, his wife and family, and those who take care of him and try their best to insulate him from the press and public. 

So far they have done an excellent job. But there is only so much that anyone can do when it comes to handling dementia, and all that I can say is heaven help the United States if a major crisis or war breaks out where the President must be front and forward to handle it without rest or sleep for days.

See here .... The Seven Stages Of Dementia (Dementia.org). 

My mother is currently at stage 5.


Anonymous said...

Joking aside, Biden hasn't/can't serve any time as President. If there is an attempt to remove him it will speak volumes as to the state of the Democratic party.

Adam said...

I feel bad for anyone suffering from dementia. I also prefer Biden to Harris.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, Adam, I prefer Trump.
Having watched one grandmother slide into old age, I too am sympathetic towards nearly anyone who lives under the dark cloud of this situation.

Jac said...

I'm sorry for Biden. That said, before the election date it was already obvious that Biden has a health problem. The media's have a huge responsibility for not covering it. Too late now, and we have to deal with a lot of uncertainty for the future.
PS: if Trump was like that, guess what would be the headline!

Anonymous said...

They'll likely false flag kill him, then material law.. or covid did it, then war

Until we have elections with voter ID, bankers will run the show and decide which wars we die in. You better believe it

RussInSoCal said...