Sunday, October 24, 2021

Will The World Descend Into 'Conflict And Chaos' If Countries Fail To Tackle Climate Change At The Cop26 Summit In Glasgow Next Week?


Daily Mail: World could descend into 'conflict and chaos' if countries fail to tackle climate change at Cop26 summit in Glasgow next week, UN climate chief warns 

* The planet could descend into 'conflict and chaos' if Cop26 fails, UN chief warns 

* Patricia Espinosa insisted global security and stability could break down 

* She described a bleak future of general anarchy amid climate catastrophe 

* Boris Johnson is preparing to welcome global leaders to Scotland next week 

The planet could descend into 'conflict and chaos' if world leaders fail to tackle climate change following the Cop26 summit in Glasgow next week, the UN's top climate official has warned. 

Patricia Espinosa, executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, insisted global security and stability could break down if countries fail to curb greenhouse gas emissions. 

In an interview with The Observer, she described a bleak future of general anarchy caused by climate catastrophe, warning of migration crises, food shortages and an increase in terrorism and violent crime.  

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Update #1: Cop26: ‘World conflict and chaos’ could be the result of a summit failure (The Guardian) Update #2: UN chief warns world on ‘one-way ticket to disaster’ over climate (Al Jazeera) 

WNU Editor: Here is an easy prediction. The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) will begin on October 31 and end on November 12, and there will be non-stop 24/7 news coverage of this story (at least in Canada where I live). 

As for the summit itself. I expect a lot of issues will be addressed at this summit, and there will be a general agreement that certain long term goals must be reached. The problem will be having governments respect the promises that they will be making at this summit.

And no. The world will not descent into "conflict and chaos" if climate change issues are not tackled at the Cop26 Summit in Glasgow next week. Many governments are doing an excellent job messing up the world without climate change as the reason.


Anonymous said...

Here Hollywood actor Leonard Nimoy already back in the 1971 trying to talk you into fearing climate change (for political control) and predicting imminent doom and gloom

They used global cooling back then. Didn't happen. Then they changed the name to global warming, then that didn't happen so they changed it to climate change.

If you do not catch up to this and inform yourself why governments and corporations indoctrinate you from schools to media to believe this, then here the shortcut

Everything on the world is carbon related

You, as a human, have tons of carbon atoms in you, consume carbon, exhale carbon

The same with plants and animals

Even electric cars have a carbon footprint, a very high one

So if everything is carbon linked and carbon dependent on earth, why oh why would they want to talk you into a vaccine and carbon credit passport?

Because they can completely control you this way

The social credit system will be used to determine if and how far you can travel

If you're allowed to eat meat and how much

If you're allowed to use powerful computers or not (electric consumption).. if you even are allowed to have a computer..

They can then through AI and all sorts of legal warfare against people who speak out against this tyranny and these inhumane monsters that instill a DARK AGE for their lust of power (and the need to escape their just punishment, ie death penalty for this crime against humanity and their many crimes prior)

Do you not understand this is being built all around us by the same people who OKed lockdowns, are building camps, and take your wealth and transfer it to them?

When tyranny is daily reality, rebellion becomes duty.

Thomas Jefferson

And they take down his statues for this, not because of slavery. Most African tribes were slave holders.
The Slavs(Easter Europeans, white) were so often enslaved by Moors(middle eastern and blacks from north Africa) that they were named Slavs. They are called Nigger literally and don't have anyone spreading these lies the leftists actual slave owners do.

Please wake up.

Anonymous said...

They also want to completely control and monitor you, to get you literally enslaved by 2030

Because they, the world economic forum (read: the most criminally insane warmongers and legalised drug pushers and weapons manufacturers and big tech and banking and finance), those who take out all joy out of life and those who push the vaccine and carbon passports and lockdowns and tyranny and those who lie about ivermectin who throug this lie have killed scores, the equivalent of a war in every country, those people want you enslaved because in their own writings they predict the following:

That we would reject the new system of an automated, AI controlled world, in which mass unemployment makes everyone dependent on them.. that we would reject it and come after them. That we "would guillotine them"

So they enslave us
Just like in China, but our model will be worse.. the CNN hyenas and Twitter mobs will declare you X, then they will lobby corporations to declare you Y, and you get a wikipedia entry Z, and even you're banking gets denied. That's happening TODAY to some people. They want to use the carbon credit system to literally torture you..

Eg no air conditioning for you specifically, as you said something wrong or thought something wrong.. or no heating if you're in a cold area.. they want everything connected via the internet of things and everything connected to your carbon credit.

It will enforce a dark age of separation and it will ultimately be used against you and your family, no matter how much you bent over and lose your dignity and humanity and pride and self respect and intellect.

They want that.
That makes them your enemy.

Better realise that now.

Anonymous said...

And your neighbours will snitch on you fire carbon credits. It will be hell on earth, you will literally correct yourself, like a dog, to escape this tyranny.

They will bang your wife and kids and you if they want to and you will do it, once you experience what they'll do to you if you don't.

They want hunger games and squid games, and they get off on it because people like gates and Schwab and Pelosi are psychopaths first and foremost

Anonymous said...

IF climate change is as serious as they say, and IF humans are primarily responsible for it, then there is basically nothing that can be done to "reverse" it enough to avoid ongoing residual issues over the next 100 years or so. Which means all these incremental policy changes will not make a noticeable difference for at least the next 2 or 3 gnerations. Add to that the fact that the world's highest greenhouse gas emitter (China) is far more interested at the moment in building a military-industrial behemoth than it is in the climate. So, whatever's gonna happen ... is gonna happen, regardless of what we do or how much we spend to do it.

Fusion said...

many countries will just restart coal, to tie things over for a little bit...

Anonymous said...

There's a global energy crunch thanks to fanatic leftist agenda purposefully shutting down coal including clean coal. These people are not only morons, they're a national and now global security risk with their crippling energy policies, supply chain destroying vaccine mandates..

These people are inconsistent, incompetent and wrong wrong wrong

Anonymous said...

in sum from above:
1. it is nonsense
2. it is true but nothing can be done
3. it is all a planned takeover by dark forces
4. and now: what do real science people and magazines and studies say by contrast?

Anonymous said...

Here’s a quick rundown of the event. Each self-aggrandized attendee will arrive with their retinue in private jets, stay in five star hotels, dine at 10 course banquets, enjoy the finest wines and spirits, meet and hob nob with other A-listers and return home with their retinue in private jets to congratulate themselves at numerous fancy dinners for halting “climate change” and saving the world. Most of what they’ll have hatched will, if enacted, result in the rest of us traveling in ox carts and living on poke salad. And each attendee will thank their lucky stars they don’t have to work at a real job.

Anonymous said...

Judas goat/ moron @734

I bet he's an English teacher commenting on science