Friday, July 12, 2013

White House Will Now Pursue Changes On Press Probe Guidelines

President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder. Photo: Reuters

Holder Delivers Leak Guideline Report To Obama -- USA Today

WASHINGTON — Attorney General Eric Holder delivered recommendations to President Obama on Friday on how the Justice Department should overhaul its guidelines for conducting investigations of leaks to reporters.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said that Obama accepted the recommendations made by Holder, but did not offer any details about how the guidelines may be tweaked. Carney added that the Justice Department would likely release Holder's report later on Friday.

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More News On Proposed Changes To Press Probe Guidelines

Justice Department to revise leak investigation policy -- Reuters
Justice Department proposes curbing power to seize reporters' records -- FOX News
Gov't tightening up reporter guidelines -- AP
Holder to Tighten Rules for Obtaining Reporters’ Data -- New York Times
Justice Department Said to Boost Oversight of Reporter Subpoenas -- Bloomberg Businessweek
Obama, Holder meet on press probe guidelines -- Politico

My Comment: So the government will now define who exactly is a reporter .... and can they then be protected by these new guidelines. Hmmmm .... since bloggers are not journalists I guess these "new protections" will not cover us.

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