Friday, October 30, 2015

New Al Qaeda Video Shows Militants Training With U.S. Weapons That Were Given To 'Vetted Moderates'

PJ Media: New Video Shows Al-Qaeda Using Weapons U.S. Gave to ‘Vetted Moderates’

A new video released by al-Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra shows fighters from the terror group using the very weapons which were supplied by the U.S. to “vetted moderate” rebel groups as part of a disastrously failed plan to combat ISIS.

The video shows urban warfare training near Aleppo. Observers on Twitter have noted the weapons appear to be M240L machine guns. These weapons had been provided to the small group of fighters trained under the Department of Defense’s $500 million “train and equip” program that was shut down earlier this month.

WNU Editor: The Al Qaeda militant is speaking Russian (from the accent I say Central Asia/Caucasus). As to U.S. weapons falling into the hands of Al Qaeda .... what a fiasco.


James said...

I am hearing that the Iranian IRG forces in the Aleppo area a have suffered considerable losses in personnel (especially upper echelon) and in area dominance. This seems to have happened in spite of Russian close air support. Whether it was a strategic set back I don't know and would like to hear from mcalix who has a good handle on such things.
I've always thought that the IRG had an undeserved reputation for military prowess.
IRG Gen. Sulemaini's commands and responsibilities have gotten smaller and smaller, this set back may give those in Tehran who have become concerned with the rise of the IRG the ammunition to move against the IRG. At the least Sulemaini's future is precarious.

Unknown said...

The king of Saudi Arabia is Wahhabi, as is 20% of Saudi Arabia population, Someone in this insane world needs to have the kahunies to start waging war inside this country. See how they like being displaced and beheaded. They are draped in American money, and protected by the weapons they get from us. It's one of the most gisgusting countries in the world. How odd it is that 19 Saudies took razor blades and our own planes to attack us inside our country. Bush had over 200 Saudi families living around his neighborhood when the towers fell. He grounded all planes and let these low life scumballs fly out of America. Bush attacked Iraq, and seeded the ovedthrow of Syria. Saudies enemies. Obama and Hillary BS'd us. These idiots with a whole slew of Republican hawks funded terrorists with our tax money. How did they get that money from the House budget director, without votes of our Congress. They manipulated the books. Then in 2014 the concocted this phony training of "Syrian rebels". 500 million dollars to train 75 rebels. That's how they got the money back into the manipulated books. Paul Ryan was the budget director who oversaw this bookeeping sham. This is much worse than Vietnam. We are arming terrorists. Americans always blame Germans for supporting Hitler. Well folks, you are supporting Hillary, Obama, McCain, Sessions, Imhof, Graham, and our insane and inept Generals (Patreus, etc.) whos whole life is dedicated to kill people. They preach peace by waving our Constitution in our face, and uttering God and country, bless this land. That's how Sarah Palin got her reputation and attitude. She's a perfect media invented clone of our sick government. Out of all the candidates of both parties ther's maybe 3 decent ones. They want to take care of Americans, not Qataris, Saudies, Iranians, Iraelis, or Cubans. Look at your paycheck (if you get one). How well would you do if you got to keep that 30% of taxes being sucked out. The two legitimate deductions are SS and Medicare. Then you get smushed by State, City, sales, and property taxes.
they just passed the military spending budget. You look it up, I cant write it down from the tears in my eyes. We are a military and war country. We are the nasty of nasties who our past generations always pointed fingers at Germans, Russians, Chinese, Castro, Iraq, Iran, N. Koreans, Japan,
Americans better wise up. 200 Congressmen just took bribes in junkets, and other spoils from Turkey. Turkey is the main source of Syria's disaster. We are funding terrorists. Turkey wants to return to the Ottoman Empire. Look that genocidal part of world history. It was to kill as many Christians as possible, or enslave them. It's our government politicians with bulging pockets.

Anonymous said...

That's quite a rant. The scarey thing is that there's a lot of truth in what you've said. I wish it wasn't so, but my conclusions are not so far from some of yours. Western Civilization needs leaders who recognize the threat to freedom and democracy that is the global Jihad of the ideology of Submission (Islam in Arabic).