Saturday, November 16, 2019

U.S. Asked Tokyo To Quadruple Payments For U.S. Troops In Japan To $8 Billion A Year

U.S. President Donald Trump departs for campaign travel to Louisiana from the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, U.S., November 14, 2019. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Reuters: Trump asked Tokyo for $8 billion to keep U.S. troops in Japan: Foreign Policy

TOKYO (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump has asked Japan to quadruple its payments for U.S. forces stationed there, Foreign Policy reported, citing unnamed current and former U.S. officials, as Washington presses long-standing allies to increase their defense spending.

Washington wants Tokyo to increase annual payments for the 54,000 U.S. troops in Japan to around $8 billion from about $2 billion, Foreign Policy said, citing three unnamed former defense officials. The current agreement expires in March 2021.

The demand was made to Japanese officials during a trip to the region in July by John Bolton, at that time Trump’s national security adviser, and Matt Pottinger, who was then the Asia director for the National Security Council, Foreign Policy said.

A spokesman for the Japanese foreign ministry said the report by the U.S. global affairs publication is incorrect and no U.S.-Japan negotiations on a new agreement have taken place.

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Trump Asks Tokyo to Quadruple Payments for U.S. Troops in Japan (Foreign Policy)

WNU Editor: The Japanese are denying these reports.


Anonymous said...

Japanese civilian workers at military bases are paid for by the Japanese government. That is a big boost. There are American civilians workers, but not as many as there would be if the Japanese civilians were not there. Plus the land is rent free.

It might be cheaper to bring US forces home. That is to say with all the support the Japanese give, it still might be a strain on the US military budget.

After Brennan lackey and Biden Confidante Ciaramella tweeted for every wall that goes down two go up (Hydra reference) I would not be surprised, if this was a Deep State psy ops.

I simply do not trust the press. The BBC just did a no holds barred interview with Prince Andrew. They said there was no pressure as to the questions asked. I do not believe it.

I do not believe that the British press is honest nor the American press is honest.

Trump already went after the Japanese to increase funding. Maybe he would do so again. I do not know. I kind of doubt it so soon. Especially after golfing with Abe. I lean more to the Deep State.

Anonymous said...

Trump honest. all other things and people not so

Anonymous said...

Parrot alleges:

"Trump honest. all other things and people not so"

I wrote:
I do not know. I kind of doubt it so soon.

My other thought other than it being a bald face deep state lie was that Trump did do this and came out with 8 billion wanting to get 3 or 4 billion.

Also you do not know how much more the US pays by stationing people there than in existing bases here. Maybe 18 billion should be ask.

You do not know, which is not a surprise because you a number are like oil and water.

A conversation with parrot is like a conversation with a kid going through their terrible two's who has dementia also.

Anonymous said...


This Is How Trump's Gangster Government Works

Bob Huntley said...

I know the US would like to maintain mega presence in the area just in case, and perhaps for intimidation purposes, but these days significcant manpower on the ground is not necessarily an asset. Besides it would not take long to beef up that presence should things actually start to heat up.

Perhaps South Korea and Japan should be suggesting a cut back of manpower, maybe even an end to the postwar occupation.

Anyway Trump is just trying to find something, anything positive that he can claim as an accomplishment to offset all the negatives he has created. Besides it is a given that any savings Trump can obtained will ultimately end up in the offshore accounts of the wealthy.

If he is re-elected Americans will see yet another tax handout to the disadvantage of the average American.

Anonymous said...

As the child of a parent who was born in a defeated Axis power, I am sensitive to allegations by ass wipes like yourself Bob of people who throw around the term occupation.

You really are a dumb fuck.

Having visited relatives in a supposed occupied nation I found no evidence of it.

Maybe the Great Bob Huntley, real person or troll using that name, could take a vacay in South Korea or Japan?

All Axis nations signed peace treaties and the American troops stationed in South Korea, Germany, or Japan are subject to a SOFA. If they break the law, they end up the prisons of Japan, South Korea, and Germany.

Bob why don't you start a support group for African-Americans, who rape Japanese women and then blame whitey.

South Koreans did cry when George Bush took 3,000 troops out of South Korea due to the needs of the Iraq War. I have not heard much bitching since then except by the like of you.

Really Bob, you say you have a comfortable retirement. Take a trip to Japan if you can afford it. See some Japanese castles or other historic places. Climb Mount Fuji instead of ticking of visiting McDonalds off your bucket list.

Roger Smith said...


Absolutely nothing positive from the evil Trump's time in office. I too know there is absolutely nothing positive but would you mind taking a few moments to list just a few of the many many many negatives of his time in office. Only the most negative ones though, please. And maybe in microscopic type to find room due to the limited space that WNU editor allows us for comments, Canadian capitalist and evil Trump supporter that he is. Thank goodness the evil Trump has started plans to keep Canadian capitalists out of our fair land by a fence built by the millions of captured illegals now secretly hidden without food or blankets on refrigerated concrete floors.
Do you think, once the impeachment is successful and the evil trump is gone, we should change our failing country's name to obamaland? I mean, give credit where credit is due. Doncha' think?

Your admiring follower, Roger

Bob Huntley said...


Why Obamaland?