Tuesday, January 19, 2021

China Becoming A Safe Haven For Foreign Money?

A person walks past a Microsoft logo at the Microsoft office in Beijing, China August 4, 2020. Thomas Peter, Reuters 

 * In the capital city of Beijing, foreign investors claimed more than a third of commercial real estate deals last year, property manager JLL said Thursday. 
 * Foreign direct investment and overseas purchases of Chinese bonds also hit records in 2020, according to estimates from Macquarie. 
 * Beijing would like to attract more foreign capital, but many concerns for investors remain. 

BEIJING — Foreigners put more of their money in China last year as the country’s size and growth stood out in a world still trying to manage the coronavirus pandemic. 

In the capital city of Beijing, foreign investors claimed more than a third of commercial real estate deals, an increase from prior years, property manager JLL said Thursday.

“Beijing is expected to remain a strong choice for foreign investors, particularly as the nation’s capital is predicted to see more signs of recovery sooner than most other major markets overseas,” Michael Wang, senior director of capital markets for JLL North China, said in a release. 

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WNU Editor: China wants this investment to pour in .... China further opens up domestic financial market for foreign investment (Global Custodian).


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