Thursday, February 18, 2021

Facebook Faces Worldwide Backlash From Publishers And Politicians After Blocking News Feeds In Australia


SYDNEY (Reuters) - Facebook faced a worldwide backlash from publishers and politicians on Thursday after blocking news feeds in Australia in a surprise escalation of a dispute with the government over a law to require it to share revenue from news. 

Facebook wiped out pages from Australian state governments and charities as well as from domestic and international news organisations, three days before the launch of a nationwide COVID-19 vaccination programme. 

Though the measure was limited to Australia, denunciations came from far afield, with politicians elsewhere describing it as an attempt to put pressure on governments that are considering similar measures around the world.

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WNU Editor: Facebook is not deterred .... Facebook unrepentant as Prime Minister dubs emergency services block 'arrogant' (ABC News Australia). 

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anon said...

China, Google and now Facebook kicking Australia. The country would do well to turn their back to them all. Who the hell would rely on the news from any of them anyway?
It's not as if there isn't far better alternatives.

Bobs a dopey commenter said...

It’s more the emergency notices which when broadcast over Facebook reaches the majority of people in real time e.g cyclones, bush fires, crime etc

Unknown said...

ummmmm do not get my news from Facebook. Could care less. I get my news from un biased news outlets and ignore almost all political BS

anon said...

Please have a look around dopey.There's much better alternatives.

Anonymous said...

Dopey did not say that there were not better alternatives. Dopey said hw most people got news or notifications.

Dopey did no9t say or claim Facebook was better. He merely said what was the mode of the day.

B.Poster said...

Whether we like it or not Facebook is a very efficient medium for getting important messages out to large numbers of people. Furthermore the viability of many businesses is problematic without Facebook. While there are work arounds, they currently aren't as efficient.

If Facebook continues along it's current path, I would expect competition to grow. I would suggest breaking away from Facebook where and when it's possible and being patient with the competition as they get up to speed.