Saturday, February 27, 2021

Mexican Flag Is Displayed Upside Down During A Virtual Meeting Between Secretary of State Blinken And Mexican Foreign Secretary Ebrard

FOX News: Secretary of State Blinken leaves Mexicans baffled after displaying their flag upside down 

Mexican journalists were quick to point out the error 

Secretary of State Antony Blinken left some Mexicans baffled on Friday after displaying the Mexican flag upside down during a virtual meeting with Mexican Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard. 

Blinken posted a picture of himself seated at a desk in front of the American and Mexican flags ahead of his meeting with Ebrard. 

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WNU Editor: It is always the little things that bug people.


Anonymous said...

This is pretty poor. And insulting to Mexico and Americans who foot the bill for the education of the flag hanger[s].

B.Poster said...

Displaying a nation's flag upside down is no "little thing." Historically Mexican leadership does not respect America or Americans so such behavior from them would be expected. In contrast, Americans and US leadership have tremendous respect for Mexico and Mexicans. This is bipartisan.

Given the tremendous respect for Mexico that we have, obviously this was unintentional. Nevertheless it is an egregious oversight and I'd expect the people responsible to be disciplined.

Anonymous said...

The upside down flag should be adopted until they stop sending a zillion gallons of raw sewage into the US every year.

Anonymous said...

11:28 Citation please.

You sound like an unctuous college prof. Come to think of it the unctuousness of you comments is what is really grating, but defining of you. All TESL must not be equal lol!

Anonymous said...

recall, plz., that Putin puppet "lives in Texas" and lost power, water, etc and is now living off socialist govt handouts and that his master, Putin told him to follow Trump and badmouth hated Mexico. And yes, the statue of Trump shown at the conservative gathering, we now learn from the artist was made in Mexico!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If this was Trumps administration there'd be non stop coverage of how incompetent they are and insulting our "friend" to the south. Remember these are the competent staffers.......adults in the room ow. Can't even hang a flag right morons.

That clown on Telemundo would be instigating protest in Mexico against Trump.

But it's OK, Dementia Jow probably figures it's his socialist friend Maduro's flag anyway.

Anonymous said...

The Senate was not in session. So just when is a senator going to take a break? Ted Cruz cannot move FEMA money from DC Texas. Jo Jo Biden could and he didn't. He picked and chose counties instead of declaring the whole state eligible for aid, which is unusually parsimonious for a Democrat. But it is a Red State and all is fair in love and war and for Democrats this is war. Jo Jo also took 12 or more days to get to Texas. George Bush was criticized for taking eight.

Anonymous said...

blab all you want
Biden WON and your people hailing caesar in Orlando, land of
Disney and other cartoon characters

Anonymous said...

Just remember Team (D) is the same team that mislabeled the Reset Button.

Which begs the question. If they can't speak the language how much do they really understand what is goin g on in Russia?

But hey, Hillary worked hard. They pushed her great achievement at the time of traveling a half a million miles ... and drinking and partying with the locals.

But despite the secretary of state’s punishing pace—half a million miles in her Boeing 757 - VANITY fair

Anonymous said...

You do not see the same thing I see at Disney. I see animatronics and in this I see electronics, mechanics and coding and behind that the people who have that skillset.

"Animatronics is a multi-disciplinary field which integrates puppetry, anatomy and mechatronics."

"Mechatronics, which is also called mechatronics engineering is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering that focuses on the engineering of electronic, electrical and mechanical engineering systems, and also includes a combination of robotics, electronics, computer, telecommunications, systems, control, and product engineering."

People working in the field of animatronics support STEM colleges. Overall animatronics by creating demand for science, engineering and technical workers and skillsets makes our country stronger. It help overall industrial technical know how or capital and also for defense.

Even the art side helps. It helped in WW2. Magicians were employed in Egypt top protect Alexandria Egypt and the Suez Canal.

2:30, a Chinese troll, Russian troll, Iranian troll, liberal nonprofit paid poster, or dumb liberal does it really matter?

Once again 2:30 you have been "pwned". It is almost as if you like it.

B.Poster said...

Anon (1:46)

You understand very little about TX or those from southeast TX in the Houston area where I live. For the most part neighbors helped and are continuing to help one another while we work hard to fix what needs to be fixed. We have hot received any "socialist government handouts" here not do we expect to.

Not sure what Putin has to do with this. It seems to me as though Putin lives rent free in your head.

Anonymous said...

It is tax time very busy and for the past 6 weeks yours truly has forgotten to staying character and only post sporadically because of the heavy volume of tax filings. No competition for an Emmy this year. Andrew can breathe a sigh of relief. Throw in a natural disaster and yours truly is not missing a beat.

B.Poster said...

Anon (4:49),

My workload is indeed very busy. As such, please stay on topic with regards to the post which is the Mexican vkaf being displayed upside down. As the US government is pretty much always respectful to Mexico, I suspect this was am accident and would expect the person or people responsible to be disciplined. As Mexican leadership is oftentimes not respectful of America, had they improperly displayed the American flag this wouldn't surprise me.

Of you wish to critique my analysis of this situation, I'm all eyes. Slandering me is not appreciated, is a waste of time, and would generally be considered trolling.

Anonymous said...

You still have cited any polls or politicians to back up your assertion.

Research is hard especially, when you did not live the events yourself.

Anonymous said...

Biden moved FEMA there asap...GOP govt requested Biden acted...Cruz fled and took not just wife and family but college pal. Some representative for his people! NO JUSTIFICATION and only a fool would say so

B.Poster said...

Anon (6:24)

Are you talking to me? As for the respect that American leaders have for Mexicans, the best research is on observing how they act.

As for the unprecedented cold weather on here on Southeast TX where I live I have indeed lived these events and can assure you at least where I am there are no government handouts nor do I know anyone who are getting any. On the plus side the government is largely staying out of the way.

Oh, there is one half way intelligent thing they've done. They extended the due date for individual tax returns from 4/15 to 6/15. Obviously they were going to have to have to do this as not doing so would have placed undo hardship on many. While they were slow on the uptake, they got it right.

Anon (7:13)

Agreed about Cruz, whether by accident or design his political career is over. While he may be allowed to complete his term, he won't be allowed to actually do anything. His wife has a job with Goldman Sachs. This is obviously because he's a Senator that she has/had this job. Since he's done, that contract will be terminated if it hasn't been already. At best, the optics are terrible.

As for FEMA, nothing of material value except perhaps a few photo ops. At least they're staying out of our way so far!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:13 aka P-cord.

Normally, January would be a good month for a vacation, but Democrats ruined it. The very first thing I learned in college and I mean the very first things was from my roommate. They had flunked out of college. They went to a different school, got on the dean's list and then reapplied to the original school.

They said that a person needs an hour day to themselves. At the very least they need an our a week to themselves. Otherwise, a person goes crazy. Now to extend that from an individual to a family, how much time do they need?

You did not take and/or retain any psych knowledge from college did you?

And the Dems ...

The Dems kept everything lockdown or in an uproar since early March. So when would Cruz go out with the family?

If it we me, I would rather hit a resort in January rather than February, because generally January is the colder month. But as has been pointed out Democrats royally screwed January.

The governor makes the request not a senator. A senator or rep. could make request of additional aid or advice, but whole singing Kumbaya for the press, the Obama/Harris/ signature guy have been in in your face, screw you. They have been very autocratic with the Napoleonic 100 days blizzard of EO's.

Are you a Russian, Chinese or liberal agent going to suggest that person libs call a 1/6 conspirator would be listened to by "Hey, where am I" Biden?