Thursday, February 18, 2021

Top White House Covid Adviser Is Stumped On Why Lockdown-Loving California Isn't Doing Better Than Open-All-Hours Florida


 * Andy Slavitt appeared stumped on MSNBC on Wednesday when asked to explain 
 * His comments come as a new study from The New York Times shows that about 512,000 more people have died since March than would have in a normal year 
 * California Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, has put some of the strictest measures in place to combat the coronavirus pandemic 
 * Florida's Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has done nearly the opposite 
 * But the states' rates of infection for coronavirus are similar - right around 8.5% 

White House coronavirus adviser Andy Slavitt appeared stumped on Wednesday when asked to explain why California and Florida, which had very different methods of combating COVID-19, have similar trends in COVID-19 cases and deaths. 

Slavitt told MSNBC that the virus was still very unpredictable and 'a little bit beyond our explanation.' In California, a little more than 8.5% of the population has been infected; in Florida, it's a little less. 

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WNU Editor: And he is the White House expert.

Update: U.S. Covid-19 deaths reaching 500,000 .... WIDER IMAGE-'I just ask God to help me': Texas funeral home crushed by death as U.S. COVID toll nears 500,000 (Reuters).


Anonymous said...

Andy Slavitt slavishly adheres to Democrat dogma. He is straight from 1984's central casting.

Anonymous said...

Socal has Mediterranean climate/ So people should not be stress as much by winter flu season. Cold weather should not be the deciding factor betwen the out comes of Florida and California.

Anonymous said...

anonymous ::go to bars and gatherings and no mask places and report back

Anonymous said...

8:41, you could not decompose or analyze a bathtub curve or supply and demand curves. The closest you get is going anal.

I was at a public gathering, a popular hiking trial, where people were 6 feet away or less. It was pretty steep on both sides of the trail. No mask. There was a steady stream of people.

Surely I was brave, I was as brave a maskless governor Newson when he dined at the fancy French restaurant, a $16,000 dinner, guffawing it up with health professionals.

I was as brave as Speaker to Animals Nancy Pelousy, when she got her hair done while maskless.

You realize the mask pores are much larger than the viral particles?