Thursday, February 25, 2021

US Conducted Counterterrorism Operations In 85 Countries From 2018-2020

USA Today: Exclusive: US counterterrorism operations touched 85 countries in the last 3 years alone 

The U.S. is still aggressively tackling terrorism, Costs of War data shows — perhaps in farther reaches of the globe than many Americans realize. 

Nearly 20 months after the Sept. 11 attacks, President George W. Bush stood on an aircraft carrier under a giant “Mission Accomplished” banner and declared “major combat operations in Iraq have ended.” Nearly 18 years later, the U.S. is still entangled in military action in the Middle East and beyond. 

After the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq following 9/11, much of the U.S. military activity has been focused on counterterrorism efforts, either in direct combat, through drone attacks, border patrols, intelligence gathering or training other nations' security forces. 

These globe-spanning operations have cost the U.S. in blood and treasure and had a massive impact on populations around the world. Newer nonmilitary threats from climate change to cyberattacks raise questions about the utility of holding on to hundreds of foreign bases and deploying tens of thousands of troops overseas. 

WNU Editor: There is a lot of good data in the above post.


Anonymous said...

There are about 195 countries give or take two.

Approximately 1/2 the countries had counter terrorism activities, where the US took part in the activities. It does not give the number of countries and their participation in counterrorism. So George Petras, Karina Zaiets and Veronica Bravo can be blowing smoke up your ass all day every day and you are non the wiser.

"79 countries where the U.S. provided training and/or assisted in COUNTERTERRORISM "

What would the picture look like if the 79 stat was broken out by training and by assistance?

What does assistance mean. That we provide people to go in shoulder to shoulder with another countries counter terrorism people and/or logistical/intel support. You could break this down into 2 parts also.

Look at the map. There is Africa. Okay, it is Africa. But look at South America. The shaded areas looks big and there fore extra scary with ketchup on the side. What if the only shaded portion were the states or provinces of those nations where the activity occurred. The shaded area would look completely different.

When we are talking about Paraguay, Brasil and Argintina in the same beathe, we are talking abou8t the Tri border area, which has been rough since the 1970s at least.

Coloring the outside the lines tri-border area, is a journalist or pre schooler tactic. Honestly, a 3rd graders could a better job than Georgie, Karina, and Veronica.

But her shading the maps of all of Brasil and all of Argentina makes it look scarier. So kudos.

The 7 countries where there were or are drone strikes is no surprise. There is another way besides drone strike into Pakistan or sending troops across the border, but the law firm of Asshole, Asshole & Dickhead want no part of it. Why not use Tony Schaeffer's method?

Also explain why it is worse to use a drone than a manned aircraft, artillery or sniper rifle?

Why is a drone worse than a command detonated IED? Why not a scary map of places where IED's are manufactured or used?

"41 countries where the U.S. ran MILITARY EXERCISES"
This really upsets the Birkenstock crowd. Successful military exercises shortens war or prevent general wars in the 1st place.

If you are an American soldier and you meet with your counterparts around the world in exercises, you get to know them. If you get to know them, you are really not going to want to fight with them. You might look at an order ordering you to fight with some of those people as an illegal order by the CINC. Hopefully, the soldiers of India, Kazakhstan and others feel the same way.

And why would we run the exercise. Because either they do not have the institutional knowledge quite yet or are broke. Just because they are broker than we are does not mean we do not appreciate them as allies or when they fight shoulder to shoulder with us.

The Eight places where we engage in combat had a few surprises to the people who do not read the news often or are subjected media IW(EW).

Kenya: Makes sense Al Shabaab does not respect borders or Kenyans

Mali: The French and Malians needed help. It begs the question . Why not scary map of the French military/counter-terrorism footprint? Because Georgia, Karina, and Veronica are putting in work that their gang expects. They have to keep up a narrative.

Nigeria: Now that is a surprise. Sure Boko Haram are bad guys, but Obama was always squishy about going after them. I am sure Nigeria will come off the scary map now that Obama, I mean Puppet Joe, is back in charge.


Anonymous said...

Consider the "leadership" of this country and I have little question of why this article is written. 8 years of the very modest person who occupied the White House a few years ago ought to be exposed for the impact he and other "leaders" had on this planet. Bush going to war on complete falsehoods suggesting Iraq had nuclear weapons will never be surpassed. Now we biden.
I have grown to despise this "leader" crowd for their dishonesty and less than competent decision making for this country.

Anonymous said...

I have little question that you are paid to post what you did.

The Russians took the WMD's to Syria. WMD's were only one of a dozen reason to go to war. Oh wait there was not peace. There was only an armistice, which Sodom violated how many times? I still remember the newsreels for the late 1990's. The ones where the inspectors waited outside the front gates for days before finally being let in to inspect. Inspections were a joke. You are a joke.