Thursday, March 4, 2021

As Washington Considers Sanctions Against Saudi Arabia, China Makes It's Move

Xi Jinping was greeted at Riyadh's airport by Prince Mohammed bin Salman. 2015 AFP

Panda Express isn’t just a fast-food chain in Saudi Arabia. Soon it’ll be the daily Air China flight bringing Chinese businessmen and officials to the kingdom. Saudi Arabia recently achieved the distinction of joining Turkey as an American ally subject to sanctions. 

The sanctions followed the U.S. Director of National Intelligence report that an operation to “capture or kill” Saudi activist (and Qatari agent of influence) Jamal Khashoggi in October 2018 was “approved” by Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman.

WNU Editor: China is not the only one making a move .... Russia to sign military cooperation agreement with Saudi Arabia (Middle East Monitor).

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Anonymous said...

Demented Joe has an excuse for stupid policies. He is not home.

Ron Klain and President Jill have no such excuse. Okay, Jill has some excuse. She likes the easy button. She should have to work no harder than primping he goldilocks up to gold dig and then coast the rest of the way to the finish line. If Jill has helped her husband may be they got have expanded the awesome college bar he started into a franchised corporation and she could be reeling in the big bucks. But that would have taken hard work. Instead she slummed it through academia and caught herself a senator.

So if Joe and el predidente jill have an excuse what is Ron Klain's excuse?