Thursday, March 25, 2021

President Biden's Briefing Book Press Conference Was Staged


No president in the history of such press conferences, going back to Franklin D. Roosevelt, has ever responded from a briefing book, especially one where the questions were in anticipated sequence as occurred today. 

President Joe Biden’s first news conference was the high point of his administration to date; he was fluent, good-humored, well-informed, and only slightly bobbled one or two questions and not in a way that surpassed the confusion deliberately created by Dwight D. Eisenhower’s complicated syntax or Lyndon Johnson’s Texan colloquialisms. 

He was very well-rehearsed to take predictable questions on the Democrats’ soft-points and respond with articulate answers that had almost nothing to do with the real issue. Less reassuringly, he read from briefing notes at length in a manner that brazenly advertised the pre-selection of questionnaires, questions, and generally windy and evasive answers. No president in the history of such press conferences, going back to Franklin D. Roosevelt, has ever responded from a briefing book, especially one where the questions were in anticipated sequence as occurred today. 

WNU Editor: I have seen many US Presidential news conferences in my life. 
But this one was for the ages.

President Biden abandoning his sentences. 
Rambling for minutes and stopping when he realized he was rambling. 
And his answers, especially on immigration, told me he had no idea on what is happening at the border. 

And it does not stop there. 
How he short-circuited midway in his answer on the filibuster. Just gave-up mid sentence. I have never seen a US President do that. 
And not being able to discuss his policy on China and North Korea without reading from the notes that his handlers gave him. Now that is scary. 

I expected a news conference where he would get by.
But I was wrong.
President Biden is nowhere near up to the job. 
Sometimes he is there. 
Sometimes he is not.
And when I look at videos of President Biden from 5 - 6 years ago, to what he is today. His cognitive  decline is both obvious, sad, and shocking. 

And as for the press corps. 
A part of me wonders if some of them gave a heads-up to the White House on what questions were going to be asked. 
A few pushed. But the rest of them just sat there like good stenographers pushing an agenda. 
And what was that agenda? For today it was getting rid of the filibuster so that President Biden can then pass his agenda. 
And as predicted. President Biden ignored FOX News as well ending the presser after one hour. 

What happened today reminds me of the old Soviet Union press conferences. 
Everything was staged. 
I saw it many times then. I saw it again today.

And speaking of the Soviet Union. 
I grew up in the Soviet Union during a time when we had leaders who were younger than President Biden is today, but clearly showing cognitive decline. 
Check out the video below of former Soviet leader Brezhnev getting ready to make a news announcement. 
And no. He is not drunk. 
Sighhhh .... I am seeing history repeat itself.



Anonymous said...

Seriously are you fucking unaware of Trumps incoherent bullshit he spouted the last four years? Take your intellectual dishonesty and propaganda poetry back to the Kremlin.

Anonymous said...

This is an entirely different mess from Trump

Jac said...

This Sleepy Joe conference is frightening. Yes, this is a typically USSR USA!!! Are we going there? Please God, help us.

Anonymous said...

There's only one person in the entire world that Trump would seem incoherent to ........ YOU!

Floki said...

fact: the major complaint was that the questions from reporters dealt just about only with the immigration and border issue!
the fact:" most press conferences are bullshit. Compare this to Trump's and if you were fair you would see that Trump was lying nonstop and making false promises. Time for you
to try for some objectivity lest this site turn into Bullshit Hdq

Biden remains much more popular at his term's beginning than Trump had ever been in four (4!) years

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha! To bad Freddy. Enjoying that bed you made?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Ole Fred is our "better" he said so. He just exudes confidence!

fazman said...

Cmon, Trump was a far better public speaker

fazman said...

Maybe if the media went ape shit and reported burdens crap like this, and falling on stairs he wouldn't be.
You can't see the hypocrisy?

Floki said...

Then came Donald Trump, and an entire Presidential term of watching press conferences with a renewed sense of urgency. No matter how hard they were to sit through, they were undoubtedly relevant: Trump regularly used them not only as a platform for his lies and cartoonish demagoguery but also for unexpected policy pronouncements that had significant real-world consequences. Trump’s performances required watching because his Presidency defied the norms of governance; he was the only one who could speak for his Administration of one, and thus we had no choice but to pay attention.

That was then. Today, no one watches a Biden press conference worrying that he is about to suggest that Americans drink bleach to cure their COVID or that he will declare war on Michigan because its governor wasn’t appreciative enough. Wondering whether Biden, a famously long-winded seventy-eight-year-old former senator, will stumble over an answer does not have the same consequences as watching a Presidential press conference to find out whether Trump is still threatening to rain down “fire and fury” on North Korea. This is an improvement, to be sure. But politics moves on, and, in this case, Trump’s exit from the White House means that we journalists have the space and time to consider once again the problem of how to insist on transparency and accountability in our government without relying so heavily on the empty spectacle of the televised Presidential press conference, a platform that arguably had its heyday in the early nineteen-sixties.

Anonymous said...

Biden is not senile. He has been abducted by aliens. Did you see that forehead? That was a Ferengi or Klingon up at the podium. Those vertical, bulging wrinkles or whatever they were, were off putting. I think it is some sort of face lift technique using muscle or tendons.

But why should the face not be as fake as the rest of the man(?).

Biden is the perfect president. It allows the SESs and people like James Franklin Jeffrey horribilis to set policy and rule their individual departments as they please. Biden is a life sized cardboard cutout, which function as their curtain in the wonderful city of Oz.

Biden's eyes re not round. He almost looks like a white-Asian.

Plastic surgeons claim Joe Biden, 76, has undergone a huge transformation during his career through cosmetic procedures that have filled in his wrinkles, altered his hairline and made his teeth whiter

Anonymous said...

"Floki's name is believed to be a homage to the Norse god Loki, a shapeshifter usually depicted as mischievous,..."

Good choice for an internet posting name. It fits you. you are a bald faced liar, who tells badly crafted lies, because you literally know nothing and are functionally illiterate.

Anonymous said...

Trump has a technique. He repeats some things 2 or 3 times. Trump with training or maybe without could have been an actor. Yes, he speaks, but he also listens. He is sensitive to crowd feedback.

What makes me think Trump is or would be a great president is that he listens. He said he would build a wall. He listened,. Then he said he would put "beautiful doors" in it. Rush Limbaugh in December 2020 or January 2022 said told a caller that the US was never going to deport 11 million people. There are two ways this could go.

A) We can finish the wall and legalize those here. We would have no more illegal immigration.


B) We could not finish the wall and legalize those already here. This latter option makes us go the way of the Roman Empire which transformed into the petty kingdoms of the Dark Ages. There would be succeeding ever larger waves of illegal immigration.

The Democrat Party and the hangers-on opt for choice B. They believe it gives them absolute political power for ever and ever.

Choice A is sane. Choice B is the tyrant's option.

Anonymous said...

So now you're a "journalist"!