Thursday, March 4, 2021

Tweets Of The Day

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Anonymous said...

"The White House is warning that the U.S. may consider a military response to a rocket attack against an air base in Iraq where American and coalition troops are housed. A U.S. contractor died after at least 10 rockets slammed into the base."

Sounds like a verbose Grahamnastic threat.

So maybe they need to add a zero behind 22. Maybe they need to add 2 zeroes behind 22, since they gave us 100 TBI's. If you make it a thousand they may consider it an undeclared war and respond accordingly. They will not declare it, but they will fight it surreptitiously. They are already fighting an undeclared war, but the incidents would come more often, closer together. So may a thousand dead and wounded Shia militia would just piss them off and they will not get the message that you want.
I think the only alternative them is to give them the 1,000 casualties and also the sanctions that topple their government. They will understand that. Maybe they will only understand it, when the mob breaks down the gates, but they will understand it. Others watching around the world will understand it and will act civil. We won't have to break anything for a long time.