Wednesday, March 24, 2021

US Deploys Green Berets To Defeat ISIS-Linked Insurgents In Mozambique

VOA: Displaced Mozambicans Optimistic About US Support for Counterinsurgency Efforts 

WASHINGTON - Mozambicans who have been forced from their homes because of the ongoing conflict in the northern part of their country say Washington’s pledge to train Mozambican security forces brings a glimmer of hope that their situation will improve. 

Last week, the U.S. embassy in Mozambique announced plans to train Mozambican security forces to combat violent extremism in the country’s north.

Earlier this month, the U.S. State Department designated an Islamic State (IS) affiliate in Mozambique as a foreign terrorist organization — along with another IS affiliate in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

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Jac said...

The Biden administration think we have not enough war now. There are 200 countries in the world, we have to put our green berets in all of them.



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Warm thought



Anonymous said...

right jac
trump brought p[eace and our troops all at home. moron

Anonymous said...

Trump got the Abraham accords.

Trump did start bringing troops home. the military and others illegally blocked him.

We should and should not be in Mozambique.

When Green Berets are sent in and advise and training role overseas, they inevitably become involved in combat. Therefore, it is something Congress should vote on. The vote should be a declaration of war not a fucking AUMF.

There should be goals. It should not be we are in it for a few years or until we get tired of it. There should be no talk of an exit strategy. It should be the unconditional surrender or defeat of the enemy.

Anonymous said...

the military blocked trump: are you a moron?

Anonymous said...

No, but you are.

Anonymous said...

James Franklin Jeffrey

Anonymous said...

Retiring diplomat says defense officials misled Trump on troop count in Syria

"But the diplomat said he was actually impressed by Trump’s Middle East record and is now pushing the incoming Biden administration to adopt it."

James Franklin Jeffrey

“Nobody really wants to see President Trump go, among all our allies [in the Middle East],” he said.

“The truth is President Trump and his policies are quite popular among all of our popular states in the region. Name me one that’s not happy.”

So he thinks Trump was on the right track, but he lied to the president. Was he lying then as a Never Trumper in November 2016 or is he lying now? Did the Russians have to put up with this shithead? It would serve some of them right.

What an unmitigated asshole.

His ass, mouth and mind should be designated Superfund sites.