Monday, March 1, 2021

Why Iran Refused Biden’s Invitation To Negotiate

Image: Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif speaks at the presidential palace in Baabda, Lebanon August 14, 2020. Dalati Nohra/Handout via Reuters.​

Alireza Ahmadi, National Interest: Why Iran Refused Biden’s Invitation to Negotiate 

It makes little sense for Iran to return to some form of unilateral full compliance for a limited amount of actual economic benefit only to then engage in a years-long negotiation where it has little leverage and is being called on to surrender its regional interests and deterrence capacities. 

President Joe Biden ran for office saying that he would like to see a restoration of the Iran nuclear deal. But over a month since inauguration, Iran and the United States are set in a standoff about the order for which the two sides will return to the agreement. The environment is still one that is characterized by distrust and escalation. The United States and the European parties to the agreement rolled out a new motion to censure Iran at the International Atomic Energy Agency and Iran rejected an invitation for a meeting featuring the United States and the remaining members of the deal, officially the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). 

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WNU Editor: I do not see any interest in Iran to open the door to negotiate with the U.S. on a new nuclear deal. From their vantage point .... they have nothing to gain.


Anonymous said...

WNU Editor: I do not see any interest in Iran to open the door to negotiate with the U.S. on a new nuclear deal. From their vantage point .... they have nothing to gain.

And for this reason, their nuclear programmes need to be bombed out of existence. Either USA does it, or Israel will. It's really quite simple.

Anonymous said...

War, or Iran with nukes. If diplomatic efforts to stop North Korea are any indication, Iran will be a nuclear power by 2030.

Anonymous said...

There's a battle going on between Khamenei and Biden

Who do you think will win? Khameini or Gold Digger president Jill?

"Biden is determined to return to the (to him) halcyon days of Obama's Iran deal — an illegal treaty by which Obama gave Iran money and access to nuclear weapons."

Joe will meet Lopez-Obrador

"A bracero program? You may remember that such a program was created in the 1950s and terminated by President Johnson in the 1960s. The good news about "bracero" is that it took away the incentive to cross the border because you could apply to work legally in the U.S. The bad news is that U.S. labor unions did not like it and pressured for its termination.

A bracero program now? I don't see it, because you need border enforcement to make such a plan possible. The bracero program was created to stop illegal immigration and people were deported for crossing the border. How can you have such a program today when the border is open to anyone?"

Obrado has Jill over a barrel. Imagine that.

Well, Obrador will have to stand in line behind


Jill id a popular girl.

Maybe Jill will meet each and everyone crossing the border.

Anonymous said...

Get over it, moron: YOU LOST
your classless remarks reveal your home and upbringing and poor education and lack of emotional maturity
tell us, misfit: what did Trump do in 4 years about Iran?

Caecus said...

It's not quite that simple. Iran has a guaranteed ability to retaliate against US bases, Israel, and the Gulf states, if the US and it's allies were to launch an air campaign against its nuclear infrastructure.

Anonymous said...


What is classless? Jill Biden is a known gold digger. He ex didn't cheat in her, didn't beat her or anything else. He ex earned a living, but it was not as good as the living earned by Joe, so she jumped ship.

gold digger ►
n. A person who is in a romantic relationship in order to get money or gifts from the romantic partner, especially a woman seeking to marry a rich man.
n. Someone who digs or mines for gold.
n. A person (usually female and considerably younger) who cultivates a personal relationship in order to attain money.

Jill and Joe lied about how they met. They said it was on a blind date. In reality Jill and her ex worked on Joe's campaign for Congress and Jill went above and beyond.

I have two theories on why Joe's wife died. One is distracted driving due to a crying baby. The other is that she was distracted worrying about Joe running around on her.
Joe did not have a theory. He has a lie. He has been taped in public saying the driver of the truck drank his lunch. The Police investigator found no such thing. When you are a senator do you get carte blanche to lie about traffic accidents?

Trump had Khameini on the ropes.

There's a battle going on between Khamenei and Biden

I'll trust Hassan Mahmoudi over you. He can actually read and speak Farsi. He has this thing. It is called sources. You have x-rated pics that keep you company.

You should study the series of embargoes the US had against Japan and what that meant for their economy and war making capability. Japan had 6 months of oil reserves in 1941, if they went kinetic. They had 18 months otherwise. Sanctions can do great things. But you have to consistent. You could verify the 1941 #'s. You could but you won't, because ... numbers. You are functionally illiterate.

Ever since Jill was immaculated as president, things have gone more and more kinetic. Look at Marib for instance.

With Trump's sanction Khameini had to put Hamas, Hezbollah, the Shai Militias and the Houthis on a diet. Now Joe and Jill went up the hill and found Khamenini 7 billion dollars. That is very nice of her. They handed that money over to that nice man Khameini and now we have renewed fighting in Yemen. Such a good girl.

Anonymous said...

Khameini cannot keep the lights on or shops open in Balochistan. Very odd.

What does smut peddler who frequents have to say about that?

Balochitan is a large part of Iran. But do not expect smut peddler to know such things.

Anonymous said...

8:37 'WAN' AWAY