Sunday, April 11, 2021

Russia Now Claiming A Major Portion Of The Arctic

CBC: 'You cannot claim any more:' Russia seeks bigger piece of Arctic 

Russia wants to stretch out imaginary lines on the ocean floor — and below it — and that has one northern security expert worried about consequences for other Arctic countries like Canada. 

Last week, Russia filed a submission to the United Nations Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf to extend a claim to the Arctic Ocean seabed. 

The UN still has to review the submission but, if it's approved, Russia would have exclusive rights to resources in the seabed and below it, and not in the water. 

The new submission would push Russia's claim all the way up to Canada's exclusive economic zone, an area 200 nautical miles from the coastline, in which Canadians have sole rights to fish, drill and pursue other economic activities. 

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WNU Editor: Russia has the military assets to enforce their claims .... Russian military presence expanding in the Arctic region, satellite images show (Euronews). 

Russia is not making any claims that infringe on U.S. territory, but the U.S. is still trying to figure out what to do .... US Army says it needs to 'regain dominance' in the Arctic, but it's still figuring out what it needs to do it (Business Insider).


Anonymous said...

Russia looking towards the future and the new sea lanes may change. Because of climate change . Buy going around the top I believe the ships save 10 days.

Fusion said...

russia is smart to build up there, sucks for us but it is not easy to maintain military aircraft, etc in the cold like that.

canadian military trains for it but it is very expensive and hard on equipment. sometimes you literally just cannot land planes at certain times because of weather.

Jac said...

This will not end well....