Saturday, May 15, 2021

WHO Says Second Year Of Pandemic Likely To Be Much Worse Than The First

World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus attends a news conference in Geneva, Switzerland, on July 3, 2020. (REUTERS/File Photo)  

AFP: Coronavirus pandemic to be ‘far more deadly’ this year, WHO warns 

* India starts deploying Russia’s Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine amid upsurge in coronavirus cases 

* Confusion reigns in US as the vaccinated are allowed to take off their face masks 

GENEVA, Switzerland: The World Health Organization issued a grim warning on Friday that the second year of Covid-19 was set to be “far more deadly,” as Japan extended a state of emergency amid growing calls for the Olympics to be scrapped. 

“We’re on track for the second year of this pandemic to be far more deadly than the first,” said WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. 

The mood also darkened in Japan where the coronavirus state of emergency took in another three regions just 10 weeks before the Olympics, while campaigners submitted a petition with more than 350,000 signatures calling for the Games to be canceled. 

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Update #1: Second year of Covid-19 pandemic set to ‘be far more deadly’ – WHO chief (RT) 

Update #2: ‘Far more deadly’ – second year of pandemic likely to be much worse than the first, WHO Chief says ( 

WNU Editor: WHO is also making the following recommendation .... Covid: Delay child vaccinations and share jabs with Covax, says WHO (BBC).


Jac said...

WHO is just as good as Erdogan....

Jac said...

Child vaccination is absolutely major because instead the virus can continue to survive and ...mute!

Anonymous said...

Dismantle the WHO

millions dead, billions traumatised, trillions in economic output destroyed, and much of the profiteering of this death send destruction went on by the pharma industries and China

Death to all of them

Public trials

Anonymous said...

Nor far fetched. After all that's what they did to the Nazis who forced vaccine programs on their prisoners.

That's what the Nurnberg trials were all about. They HUNG these monsters.

Remember who pushed the lies, that it came from a food market. And they called you racists, the worst thing aside from murder a human can be.

So first they help cover it up for China
Then they misinform you about masks and social distancing and first they promoted the never before done lockdowns that killed so so many.


Then Xi
Then the guys at the WHO and the rest of the pharma gangsters and drug pushers

Anonymous said...

Not "stay" but start with this demonic ghoul Fauci

Even the inventor of the much cited and much used PCR test that was used so much in detecting corona virus, WARNED against Fauci just before he conveniently died a year before the "outbreak"
Dr. Mullis, the inventor and Nobel prize winner WARNED in public interviews about Fauci and his troubling hunger for power and ruler like ambitions.

Fauci is the same guy who brought the Aids crisis and disastrously killed thousands by dismantling wrong information.

If you let these monsters keep failing up, your children and their children will still pay for your comfort and laziness in not doing your homework

Watch what Dr. MULLIS had to say about Fauci. You can still view the interview on YouTube, just Google his name and Fauci

He warned us about misusing his test for detecting viruses

He warned us about Fauci and his plans

Then he dies one year ahead of the outbreak

And Fauci even tried to push his own discredited vaccine at the beginning (the one he holds shares in, the one that 16 tests but his own confirmed isn't working and dangerous!)
This monster is now earning more on public salary than the US president.
All on record.
He's still alive.
Still walking among us like a normal human being.

This ghoul.
This demon.

Anonymous said...

Good points, Jac. Especially 12:18.

Anonymous said...

1. You will never vaccinate all, it's impossible
2. Using an experimental, never before tested and already badly failing DNA therapy ON ALL OF THE POPULATION AT ONCE could be the biggest, dumbest, most reckless mistake ever done
3. Don't cheer on Jac. He's not that bright; no offense, Jack.. but cheering on a global never done before experimental DNA/mRNA program is so utterly...I lack the words.

But CNN thinks it's smart and those guys..

Toobin.. jerked off on a zoom meeting
Cooper.. mentally retarded gay fellow
Quest.. got caught with meth in a park, naked and a rope around his neck
Cuomo protected his mass murdering brother
Lemon pushes race war on you all night long

That's CNN. These guys want you to take the vaccine and babies to take the vaccine. A never before tested mRNA shot that has killed now more THAN ALL OTHER VACCINES COMBINED IN HUMAN HISTORY

Don't cheer on Jack. Be kind, but don't encourage him

Anonymous said...

Dr. Mullis - the inventor and Nobel prize winner whose test was used for falsely diagnosing covid19 on a global scale, died 1 year before the "outbreak"and explicitly WARNED THE WORLD ABOUT FAUCI

Do not stay ignorant. You have a responsibility.