Monday, May 17, 2021

Report: UAE Demands Hamas Ttop Its Missile Attacks Or Face A Halt In Investments

Rockets are launched towards Israel from Rafah, in the southern the Gaza Strip, controlled by the Palestinian Hamas terror group, on May 15, 2021. (Said KHATIB / AFP)  

Times of Israel: UAE said to warn Hamas planned Gaza infrastructure projects are in danger 

Gulf official reportedly tells terror group investments in Strip come with the ‘necessary condition of calm’; at least one of the projects said to be energy-related 

The United Arab Emirates is said to have warned Hamas that its planned investments in the Gaza Strip may not move forward if the terror group does not maintain calm in the territory. 

In the wake of the Abraham Accords, the UAE has in recent months been in contact with Hamas about various potential infrastructure projects to improve the lives of residents there, the Globes financial newspaper reported on Saturday.  

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Update #1: Report: UAE demands Hamas stop rockets attacks (Israel Hayom)  

Update #2: Report: UAE demands Hamas stop rockets attacks or face halt in investments (i24 News)  

WNU Editor: One anonymous source being reported in the Israeli media does not carry any weight in the current conflict. But it makes sense that no one, the UAE included, is going to invest monies into Gaza right now.


Anonymous said...

I looked at the building in the background of various shots especially the ones where the AP was stationed. From a distance the looked new or well maintained. They were also multi- story.

I wonder how much those building given their floor space cost in Gaza or would cist in various locals around the world. We are not talking about refugee camps. We are talking about money and a lot of it. That is a out of housing stock with room for commercial space on the ground floor. I just think we they can't put their energies to being like Switzerland. The Palestinians have aMrk1 Mod 1 brain like the Israelis. They should have quite an economy. Must be something queer in their DNA.

The UAE is going to run out o9f oil at some point, so they are diversifying their economy. They can ill afford to send money to help out some cave dwellers.

Anonymous said...

Democrats give Iran billions of money
Iran then gives that money to Hamas
Hamas then upgraded their missiles and attacks Israel as soon as trump is gone

People are surprised?
Trump said this would happen 2 years ago

But Democrats and the media ghouls like CNN and WaPo wanted the money to go to Iran. They loved Obama because he knew this would keep the wars going

Trump signed the Abraham accords that brought more peace to the middle east. The media buried the story, belittled him and the idiots like Fred Lapides keep the wars going by copy and pasting the MSM media narratives that align 100% with neocon warmongering goals..

Ah well.. the weakest link in the chain, right? That's democracy... as long as people like Fred do their bidding and as long as BLM and Antifa push terror in your streets to keep Democrats elected, this human misery will keep going.

May God have mercy on your soul, Fred