Friday, May 7, 2021

U.S. May Lift Some Sanctions Against Iran

Police stand outside a hotel where a meeting of the Joint Commission of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), or Iran nuclear deal, is held in Vienna, Austria, April 20, 2021. (REUTERS/LEONHARD FOEGER)  

CNN: US weighs unfreezing $1 billion in Iranian funds 

(CNN)The Biden administration is weighing unfreezing $1 billion in Iranian funds that the country could use for humanitarian relief, amid the negotiations for the US to reenter the 2015 nuclear deal and bring Iran back into compliance with its terms. 

It is not clear whether the release of the funds would occur unilaterally, but one line of thought is that it could serve as a useful goodwill gesture to Tehran, according to three people briefed on the internal deliberations, as the talks in Vienna enter their second month with no concrete signs yet of a breakthrough. 

The Iranians continue to demand sanctions relief in return for compliance with the nuclear deal. The funds would not be provided in cash; instead, they'd be allocated to a Swiss channel, known as the Swiss Humanitarian Trade Arrangement, which was set up last year to allow humanitarian aid like food and medicine to be sent to Iran without violating US sanctions.  

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Update: US weighing $1b in humanitarian aid for Iran as a show of goodwill - CNN (Jerusalem Post)  

WNU Editor: The Iranians want more .... U.S. ready to lift many sanctions but Iran says it wants more (Reuters).

In the meantime there are conflicting reports on a possible US - Iran deal. 

On one side there are claims of progress .... Nuclear Talks With Iran Could Reach Agreement Within Weeks, U.S. Says (New York Times). On the other side there are reports of large differences .... Large gaps remain in US-Iran talks on return to nuclear deal – report (times of Israel).


Anonymous said...

"but one line of thought is that it could serve as a useful goodwill gesture to Tehran"

This is the line of thought of the pussy-Obama crowd. What a disgrace the Biden administration is becoming!

Anonymous said...

Good. The Meathead will never achieve an erection again.

Anonymous said...

The USA concession to unfreeze Iranian funds is in response to the Iranian video of Iran destroying the US Capitol Building, broadcast last week in Iran. Boy that Joe Biden drives a hard bargain!

Anonymous said...

A billion to Iran and the other peaceful followers they support.

That biden administration is just old appearing. As can be seen they are the cutting edge of fierce, tough, effective international diplomacy.

Anonymous said...

Another demonstration of the Liberals' inability to distinguish allies from foes. Let's alienate Saudi Arabia for the murder of a journalist, but appease Iran despite their murder and imprisonment of thousands of activists and minorities. Yep, sounds about right.

Anonymous said...

that money is Iran's that we held

appeasement? nah. Trump did that with Putin.
US wants a treaty so if violated we have cause to hit them hard. Without a treaty, they can do what they want..would you offer to join up?

Anonymous said...

When did Trump send pallets of cash to Putin?