Monday, June 21, 2021

China Has Administered One Billion Covid-19 Vaccine Doses


BBC News: Covid: China administers a billion vaccine doses 

China has administered more than a billion Covid vaccine doses, officials say - more than a third of all vaccine doses given globally. 

The country's vaccination drive began slowly after authorities successfully suppressed virus cases. 

But incentives such as free eggs and concern over an outbreak of the Delta variant have seen jabs accelerate. 

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Anonymous said...

China has vaccinated 1 out 1.4 billion or about 71%. They have to be at or near herd immunity.

Let's have some more of that good old time COVID porn.

What's the Herd Immunity Threshold for the COVID-19 Coronavirus?
Estimates range from 70 to 10 percent.

Consider some people got COVID and have not had the vaccine. So I would say China has reached herd immunity.

But it is why we have to jack around with PCR test cycles, circulate scare stories of variants, scare people, who took 1 maybe 2 years of science in high school with 1 year or less being biology and really did not give a shit, and count any deaths as COVID if there is even a whiff of COVID about them.

Bravo. Bravo.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

And the Acela yellow belly sap sucker warbles once again @ 1241

1) Did the sapsucker argue percentage of people, who need to be vaxxed or have caught the the virus in order for their to be herd immunity? NO

2) Did the sapsucker argue that 40 cycles for a PCR test is hunky dory? NO

No our very own yellow belly sap sucker, who was socially promoted through school, has given no scientific argument, because they can't. They have had how many science courses? One? One which they were pencil whipped into passing, so the teach did not have to put up with the knucklehead another year?

Sap sucker has the scientific literacy of a protozoa.

Anonymous said...

sapsucker did not come back