Friday, June 18, 2021

China's Global Influence Is Growing

Axios: Mapping China's growing global influence 

As of 1980, China was the most influential player in just one country: Albania. Now, China is the leading power across most of sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia and is catching up to the U.S. in its own hemisphere.  

What we’re reading: That's according to a new report from the University of Denver and the Atlantic Council that seeks to measure the influence countries have on each other, and in so doing offers a dramatic portrait of China's rise. 

* The authors took the quantifiable aspects of two countries’ trade, security and diplomatic relationships (the value of goods traded, aid provided, arms transferred, etc.) and then looked at the balance in terms of how dependent one country was on another. 

 * They note that some aspects of influence — the funding of proxy forces, say, or the strength of cultural influences — aren’t captured in this data. 

* What they do capture is a clear trend over the last three decades: America’s global influence has stagnated, Europe’s has waned, and China’s has rapidly expanded.  

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WNU Editor: Here is an easy prediction. China's growing global influence will continue.


Anonymous said...

The usual legacy media and liberal whiners obsess about the US's footprint and specifically America's military footprint.

Well what about these other footprints.

Take Brazil or Japan. An American or other foreign company can only have a 49% stake or less in a company in those countries. In Brazil you had to train your replacement. Now there are maybe 2 Americans per company in Brazil. It is more of a intracompany foreign exchange. It is not jobs program for American workers.

I the US Disney and other companies ass rape American workers. They bring in foreign workers by the tens of thousands

If the US were to kill the H1B and other programs, the gang problems in the US would recede, CRT would be throw by the wayside and liberal academics would be on SNAP.

You would see a lot of labor Force participation by minorities, lot of wage growth and less welfare. Companies would train people more than they do now.

Any time a liberal whines about American economic or military hegemony they need to be sharply rebuked in the nose.

Anonymous said...